ASB Theatre, Hutcheson St, Blenheim

23/10/2019 - 23/10/2019

Theatre Royal, 78 Rutherford Street, Nelson

25/10/2019 - 26/10/2019

Nelson Arts Festival 2019

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From New Zealand’s leading circus company comes a tenacious all-wombs troupe whose breath-taking performances are wrapped in an all-knowing nod and cheeky wink.

The WonderWombs is a chance to investigate and celebrate the physicality, mysteriousness and wonder of our bodies, and maybe even have a laugh at ourselves. This is physical circus at its best, with all the performers multi-skilled in theatre, acrobatics and comedy, presenting a night of risk, splendour, story and hilarity.

With its soundtrack of rap, poetry and buzzing beats, The WonderWombs promises a night of acrobatic athletes, whose risqué hustle explores and celebrates strength in its many forms.

“Dazzling talent with true, and utterly genuine meaning… The WonderWombs is a slippery and devilish performance.” THE CREATIVE ISSUE

“A sparkling, juicy, feminist manifesto that laughs and mocks and brawls and riots all the way to the finish line.” NOTHING EVER HAPPENS IN BRISBANE

Wed 23 Oct 2019
Fri 25 & Sat 26 Oct 2019
FULL $49
GROUP OF 6+ $44pp
Plus Ticketek Service Fee

Warning: R16, full-frontal nudity, strobe, coarse language and adult themes.

Eve Gordon
Rochelle Mangan
Adam Rohe
Bethany St John
Jaine Mieka
Ariel Cronin 

Theatre , Cirque-aerial-theatre ,

1 hr

Strong, brave, beautiful and sometimes bizarre with a bold message

Review by Trish Sullivan 26th Oct 2019

This is certainly not your average circus performance.  A troupe of ‘wombs’ are exploring, celebrating and demonstrating, the female, in the most imaginative of ways. Through comedy, dance, aerial acrobatics and spoken word, we are taken on a wacky journey through its joys, traumas, mysteries and celebrations.  

The increasingly risqué and sometimes hilarious segues between the suspended silk, bar and hoop displays begin a story around what it means to be a woman. The intensity of the music certainly supports some powerful messages around consent, body shaming and femininity. Hip hop, rap and heftily explicit lyrics provide a pretty hard-hitting soundscape for some final scenes.

The costuming, or sometimes a lack thereof, is certainly worth a mention. My particular favourite is the hot pink metallic unitards that at one point, are donned in unison in a series of carefully choreographed moves.

Each and every performance on the aerial set up is an extremely impressive display of strength and agility.  The stage is hazy and cunningly cross lit, so we witness the spinning, folding and unfolding of bodies through only splashes of light and colour. Floor acts (hoops & cyr wheel) are also mesmerising, again delivered with an engaging presence and precise physicality.

The clever people who devised and brought to life this subject matter are the cast – Eve Gordon, Rochelle Mangan, Adam Rohe, Bethany St John, Jaine Mieka and Ariel Cronin – as well as Jess Holly Bates (the original director) and Hannah Tasker-Poland, and the current director, Eve Gordon.

I absolutely recommend this sometimes bizarre but thoroughly enjoyable show of impressive aerial feats – the absolute beauty of bodies entwined, moving through the air – with a bold message. I leave with a sense of empowerment from these strong, brave bodies in front of me.


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