The Young & The Witless; an improvised soap opera

Bluenote Bar, Wellington

27/02/2008 - 01/03/2008

NZ Fringe Festival 2008

Production Details

From those W.I.Tty  bastards who brought you such improvised comedy classics as "Love Possibly" and "To Be Continued" comes "The Young & The Witless; an improvised soap opera"!

Does anyone know what’s going on?
We don’t. 
Its all improvised!

Watch out Shortland Street, a new soap opera is in town! With more twists, secrets, and dirty dealings than parliament. A continuing improvised story that keeps everyone guessing. Including us!

Eight nights of shows.  Six characters in search of a storyline.  One spontaneous saga of polished stupidity.

The Young & The Witless; an Improvised soap opera 
Wednesday to Saturday Feb 20-23 & Feb 27-Mar 1.
Blue Note Café, 191-195 Cuba Street

Starring W.I.T regulars Anna Burns, Christine Brooks, Julian Faid, Clare Kerrison, Simon Smith and Anton Van Helden

1 hr

Formidable and funny

Review by Jackson Coe 29th Feb 2008

Improvisation is straight-forward and easy.  A basic how-to guide might read ‘Stand there and say something.’  Good improvisation, however, is not quite so simple.  It takes confidence in your ability, trust in yourself and your fellow performers, and a lot of practice to be able to hold a show together for an hour and to keep your audience laughing right until the end.

The Wellington Improvisation Troupe (W.I.T.)’s performance of The Young and The Witless last night, which is approaching the end of its 8-show run, was testimony to the 9-strong group’s fine skills as improvisational performers. 

The crew, a selection of actors from the W.I.T., demonstrated a high calibre of humour and wit which had me laughing like a hyena for most of the hour.  Their connection as a team was visible before, after and during the show, and when they hit their stride on stage they were on fire.

It’s really no surprise that the soap opera genre has been picked up by an improv troupe, as its cheesy disposition provides great potential for comedy, which was fully realised by the actors and the MC.  I loved the serialised nature of the show, set in a fictional apartment block on Cuba St, and was impressed by the ability of the performers to keep track of the various ‘plot lines’ from many episodes ago – or at least, their ability to give the impression they were keeping track!

With The Young and the Witless, the W.I.T. prove that they are formidable and funny.  If you’re at a loss for what to do these next couple of nights, then this show is just the remedy.


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