Chisolm House, 45 Ross St, Roslyn, Dunedin

13/03/2014 - 19/03/2014

Dunedin Fringe 2014

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My name is Lara. Please come to my awesome show at my mum and dad’s house. I’ll do some dancing, top quality acting and you’ll leave feeling really good about things. Come and see me before I get famous and help make dreams come true. Dress however you like. Yours sincerely, Lara.  

The Town Centre is an experimental theatre company concerned with enhancing live, collective experience through performance.

Both very good-looking, Lara Fischel-Chisholm and Nisha Madhan met at drama school over a decade ago. 

Auckland based, Lara is the founder and creative director of the collaborative performance series, Stranger Things. She is the current choreographer for water ballerinas, The Wet Hot Beauties and formed the popular comedy-dance troupe, DYNAMOTION with playwright and performer, Thomas Sainsbury. She has worked extensively as an actress and dancer throughout the country and will be making several appearances with The Town Centre in 2014 including, LIES at the Wellington Fringe and Cowboy Mouth/Love It Up at Q Theatre in September.

Nisha founded is a well-known television and theatre performer as well as an experienced theatre-maker and producer. In 2013 she appeared on television series, The Blue Rose and toured with popular theatre company, Indian Ink for their latest offering, Kiss The Fish. She has recently gained critical acclaim for her work as a director – most notably for the 2012 production of Cowboy Mouth at The Snake Pit in Auckland.

March 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19
Chisholm House
8:00pm (13, 14, 15, 18, 19) | 6:00pm (16)
60 min
Online Tickets: $13
Door Sales: $15 
Dash Tickets (0800 327 484)

Door sales available (cash only)

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Fanciful, funny, real and touching

Review by Reuben Hilder 15th Mar 2014

Lara Fischel-Chisholm knows how to make an entrance. It is hard to imagine running into a room in a false moustache, sunglasses and sombrero, brandishing a water pistol and a chicken, failing to make an impression. Yet as the evening progresses that moment almost pales in comparison to what follows.

As can be expected from a show that takes place in the living room of the artist’s parents’ house, This Is My Real Job is a highly personal piece of theatre, taking its audience on a journey into its creator’s world. Fischel-Chisholm’s energy and charisma captures her audience the instant she begins and doesn’t let them go until she has finished. She goes from quirky puppet shows to profoundly tender and human displays of vulnerability with the smoothness of someone who knows she can get away with anything because she has the audience in the palm of her hand. 

Throughout the show she plays several parts with skilful displays of character acting, but it is during her direct addresses of the audience that she truly shines; speaking with such unembellished sincerity it becomes unclear as to whether or not what we see is acted or real.   

This Is My Real Job is an unassuming, enigmatic and deftly crafted show about childhood dreams, dance, art, parenthood, family, space, time and the elusive present moment. It is sometimes autobiographical, sometimes fantastical. Every moment from the first line to the last twirl of highly expressive dance is brimming with life and Fischel-Chisholm’s own bubbly personality shines through it all. It is intimate, self-expressive theatre at its playful and relatable best.

By the end of the performance Fischel-Chisholm, with her director / collaborator Nisha Madhan, achieves The Town Theatre’s goal of creating a collective experience, as you feel like you now have some tiny connection with her, as if you’ve had the smallest taste of her joy and her sadness.

This Is My Real Job is fanciful, funny, real and touching all at the same time. It isn’t a show that is just seen and heard, but is experienced and felt. It is more than live theatre, it is living theatre and you will leave with a smile on your face, wanting to go home, tuck yourself into bed and let Paul Simon sing you to sleep.


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