Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland

20/02/2013 - 23/02/2013

Auckland Fringe 2013

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Streaming LIVE! With Special Guests!
All welcome. Bring your baggage. It’s preferable. 

Unlock the actor within. Hone the craft. Search for truth… Inherit technique from the ‘Actor Whisperer’. His uncanny knack for tapping into the actor within all of us is a sight to behold. Some say a near religious experience.

Not one to shy away from controversy, Dibley initially declined his invitation to appear at Auckland Fringe. He was rumoured to have said “…Listen Hun. I’ll do the gig, but I’ll do it my way. You know me.”

So don’t miss out. All welcome. Bring your baggage. It’s preferable.

Ever wondered if you have what it takes to be an actor? Meet Tim Dibley. Casting guru. Straight talker. Truth seeker.

Step into the brutally honest, no holds barred world of casting, with one of the world’s greats.

Based loosely on his critically acclaimed online series, this masterclass is not for the faint hearted.

His uncanny knack for tapping into the actor within all of us is a sight to behold. Some say a near religious experience. 

A gifted thespian himself, Dibley leads by example. Treating us to his finely tuned examples of honed acting craft, priceless secrets of what TO and NOT to do in the casting room, along with his surgically astute observations of the human condition.

Some call him the ‘Actor Whisperer’. Some call him ‘Guru Dibley’. Some call him ‘The man who saved my career’.

“…He’s got the eye. He has the ear. But more importantly he helped me find the truth; that I was indeed talentless. And I am eternally grateful.” – Gail Simms, Tauranga Repertory 1986 to ’88.

So come and witness his gift for yourself.
Tim Dibley. Casting Guru.

BASEMENT THEATRE, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland CBD
Wed 20 – Sat 23 February, 10.00pm
50 mins

TICKETS: Adult $20, Conc / Group $15
BOOKING: www.iticket.co.nz  

50 mins

Christ knows he should be charging a lot more

Review by Matt Baker 25th Feb 2013

After three years of gradually and increasingly leaking the persona of Tim Dibley into the acting community’s collective consciousness, actor and casting director Eryn Wilson has finally taken the step from Facebook and YouTube to the stage in the premiere live performance of his ridiculous yet somewhat veracious alter-ego.

Billed as a masterclass for actors, Dibley takes the audience through a sequence of acting exercises and audition techniques, taking a series of comedic no holds barred swipes at both general concepts and individuals within the industry. While some of the person-specific jabs will undoubtedly be lost on those outside the business, they can rest assured that Wilson successfully avoids any hint of maliciousness, laughing at himself as much as (if not, more so than) others. [More


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Pretentious world of the screen arts lampooned

Review by Nik Smythe 21st Feb 2013

The doors open a fashionable ten minutes late on opening night: the first lesson in the allegedly well-respected casting agent’s audition workshop masterclass?  A seated muso blats out some bluesy riffs on an electro-coustic guitar while hapless assistant ‘Lucky’ (Johnny Moffat) takes individual casting headshots of the convening audience. 

These are soon to be put to use once the bespectacled, Brylcream-mopped man-in-black (with gold embroidered shoulder panels) himself, Tim Dibley, enters in a sneering whirlwind to dispense his characteristic brand of crash-course introduction to the heady, demanding, cutthroat world of screen auditions. 

From the first his pseudo-effete voice of consummate experience has the star-studded opening night crowd howling with recognition at his industry lingo and passing snide references to various local practitioners, present or otherwise. 

With the added feature of live streaming in-house video of the proceedings, Dibley’s patented, vaguely cutting-edge and more than infrequently Too Far tutorial style covers off all the classic scenarios the would-be auditionee might expect and/or dread: crying, kissing, nudity et al. 

Among the dubious factoids I learn is that in screen acting there are only six emotions, and happiness isn’t even one of them!

There’s enough behind-the-scenes based entertainment around (Extras etc) for your average punter to understand the processes being lampooned here, but it would be interesting to compare how much a non-trade based audience would laugh given the high rate of in-jokes. 

Indeed, this whole production seems primarily a gift to ‘Mr Dibley’s many many friends and associates from the mad, pretentious world of the screen arts.  Since just about everybody in the Fringe Festival audience demographic either is or knows someone connected to said industry, his potential market is hardly compromised.


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