Fortune Theatre, Dunedin

14/03/2018 - 17/03/2018

Dunedin Fringe 2018

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Toxic Mas is a one-man show that talks about toxic masculinity, his father’s death and the one moment that changed his life forever. Cameron McLeod has been performing stand-up all over the country since 2014. Now comes his brand new show covering what it means to be a man, our relationships with each other, and why the idea that we are alive at all is amazing. Guaranteed to have plenty of laughs, this show also has multiple stories from his life – some serious, some funny, all thoughtful.

Having performed at Fringe Festivals up and down the country, but with a focus on the last three Dunedin Fringe Festivals, Dunedin really feels like a second home. Cameron brings his brand new show full of hilarity, honesty and masculinity…whatever that means?

Fortune Theatre, Dunedin
14-17 March 2018

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The dude is funny

Review by Izzy Lomax-Sawyers 15th Mar 2018

Toxic Mas is an hour of funny, sweet, sometimes sad and slightly chaotic stand up that’s not really about toxic masculinity.  

A lumberjack-chic twenty-something with skinny jeans and rad glasses, Cameron McLeod takes us on a sprawling journey that starts with a late bloomer at St Bede’s college and finishes blowing on a cactus at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

I’ll stake my reputation as a budding (has written two reviews) Fringe critic on it: the dude is funny. The pauses, grunts, superb facial expressions and occasional yelps of “fuck you” at the laughing audience when he makes himself the butt of his own jokes is at least as entertaining as the jokes themselves.

That’s not to disrespect the jokes at all. It’s a good show. It’s A little rough around the edges, with some weird segues and a couple of questionable calls, and it finishes on a philosophical note that I’m not quite sure works. But we find ourselves willing to look past that to laugh along with the funny, likeable dude pacing the stage.

Toxic Mas isn’t the show I thought I was going to see, and although I enjoyed it a lot I think that’s a shame. Cameron tells us while opening that his direction changed a little between the Fringe application and writing the show, but I would have really liked to see him delve deeper into toxic masculinity. I think he would have interesting and downright hilarious things to say about it, because as noted above, the dude is funny.

All in all it is an entertaining show and I’ll definitely be heading along to future gigs Cameron brings to Dunedin.

You can and should check out Toxic Mas at the Fortune until Saturday. 


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