Botanic Gardens, Dunedin

23/03/2019 - 31/03/2019

Dunedin Fringe 2019

Production Details

Gather your team for an interactive live-action adventure through the maze-like forested paths of the Dunedin Botanic Garden.

Explore, get lost and unlock new areas in this site-specific mashup of video game mechanics, strange puzzles and quirky character interaction!

YOUR TEAM OF 3-6 will be plunged into a rich fictional world that challenges your collective recall and quick-thinking. Your interactions with the world’s characters are the key to your success: complete missions, solve puzzling side-quests, uncover the secrets and unlock new areas – how you progress is up to you! But it’s not as simple as it seems. It never is…

Trickster Game 001 is designed from the site out – in fact, it’s our love for this stunning environment that prompted the idea for the game in the first place. Trickster is privileged to work with the Dunedin Botanic Garden and 10% of your ticket price goes toward the future projects of The Friends of the Botanic Garden.

TG001 is made possible thanks to a generous DCC Arts Grant and the fearless actors and teaching staff from InterACT.

Trickster makes Games for the Curious. People like you. Visit our website and Join “The Curious” to subscribe for discounts, mini-games and to be involved in beta-testing future games!

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Dunedin Botanic Garden, Opoho Rd, Dunedin
SAT 23 & SUN 24 March 2019
11:00am & 01:00pm
SAT 30 & SUN 31 March 2019
11:00am & 01:00pm
$24.00 – $27.00
General Admission: $27.00 
Concession: $24.00
Group of Ten +: $24.00
*Fees may apply

Theatre , Promenade , Outdoor ,

1 hr 30 min (Sat & Sun only)

Could do it all again tomorrow

Review by Kate Timms-Dean 31st Mar 2019

Everyone loves the weekend. After a long week at work, nothing feels better than to relax, tidy the house, and spend some time with friends and family. My favourite weekends are usually the ones when you don’t do a lot except pyjama days and washing; the perfect end to a busy week.

This weekend is different and, boy, I am so happy about it. My daughter and I head to the Upper Gardens on Opoho Road just before 1pm. We are both excited but maybe a little apprehensive; we don’t know what to expect.

We see a group of strangely dressed characters, huddled around a tree stump in the sunshine. A red-hooded figure approaches us; “Are you here for the next game?” he says. “Yes, but we are only a team of two,” I reply. “You’ll be fine,” he says. “We’ll figure it out,” I suggest. The response is ominous; “I hope so.”

People arrive, lots of people. There are families and groups of students, grandparents and young children. The air is abuzz with anticipation – we are all looking forward to the adventure ahead.

We gather and the rules are explained: follow the map, find the guardians, undertake their mission, and collect the talismans to save the forest and finish the game.

“You have 90 minutes. Your time starts now.” And we’re off!

I have to tell you, it is fantastic. The idea, the setting, the delivery – this is one of the best things I have ever done. Trickster Game 001 takes RPG fantasy games like Fable and turns them into an incredible adventure in one of Dunedin’s best outdoor spaces. The Upper Gardens makes the perfect setting for the whole experience. I could do it all again tomorrow.

I have always said to my children that they won’t grow up and look back with nostalgia on the weekend they spent on a gaming console. I have been guilty of thinking of gaming in a wholly negative light. Trickster Game 001 reminds me that, even within the most sedentary, hedonistic and isolating pastimes, there is always the opportunity to create action and engagement. When can we do it again?


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