BATS Theatre, The Propeller Stage, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington

13/10/2023 - 13/10/2023

NZ Improv Festival 2023

Production Details

Created by Spill It (Sydney)

Spill It

Three stories. One play. All improvised.

The audience will provide the titles for each of the three stories, which, with no scripts or pre-planning, the cast will use to create a piece of hilarious theatre on the spot. Following characters through three separate journeys we will together explore their lives, loves, and losses.

Inspired by classic films like Pulp Fiction and Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s Amores Perros, expect humour and heartbreak in equal measure, with stories putting humanity, humour, and heartbreak at their centre.

13 Oct, 6.30pm, BATS Theatre

Clara Andrade Gomes
Charlotte Grimmer
Jordana Wegman (she her)
Jose Gonda
Joshua Shediak (he/him)
Liam Webber (he/him)
Michael Becker
Michael Smith

D’ Woods (He/him)

Improv , Theatre ,

60 mins

A real joy to see brains working so creatively, quickly and strategically

Review by Gin Mabey 15th Oct 2023

The Spill It troupe – Clara Andrade Gomes, Charlotte Grimmer, Jordana Wegman, Jose Gonda, Joshua Shediak, Liam Webber, Michael Becker, Michael Smith – spill from backstage into the BATS Stage space and give us the plan for the evening. They’re sharp, focused and cohesive from the get-go. I know we are in excellent hands.

After sourcing three play titles from the audience – ‘The Scientist’s Troubles’, ‘Calm Down’ and (encouragingly nominating a first-timer to choose the third name) ‘Sweet Dreams’ – the first play begins. I really love the way the actors set the scenes for us. They jump in popcorn-style when they’re ready and describe the space.

My favourite performer wears a red top and glasses and gives me Kate McKinnon energy. She is one of those performers that you can’t not watch. But they are all great, there are no weak links.  

Keyboard musician Criss Gruber is a true highlight. He accompanies the scenes so perfectly, deepening the drama, elevating the comedy, filling any tiny gaps of which there are very few.  

I really like how there’s very little filler in this show, and they’re not tied to being funny. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very funny, but it’s also poignant and soft and dramatic when the scene calls for it. It’s a real joy to see brains working so creatively, quickly and strategically. When the scene comes to a natural lag or snag, another actor is waiting to tap in and take over.  

This team of improvisers certainly know what they’re doing, and they do it excellently. In fact, I kind of want to try it myself!


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