TWO HEARTS Auckland World Tour

Q Theatre Loft, 305 Queen St, Auckland

12/12/2017 - 16/12/2017

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Back by popular demand, the smash musical hit of the NZ International Comedy Festival returns to Auckland’s Q Theatre for a limited, festive, five night return season. Starring 2018 Billy T Award Nominees Laura Daniel (Funny Girls, Jono & Ben, 7 Days) and Joseph Moore (also those shows), Two Hearts: Auckland World Tour wowed critics and audiences alike with its arena sized pop-music spectacle in a non-arena sized venue.

“A spectacular and surprising, top notch performance from beginning to end.” –  

Imagine a Selena Gomez concert, but all of Selena Gomez’s songs have jokes in them, and there are two Selena Gomezes and one of them is a boy. And Selena Gomez is even better at singing. With confetti, HOT dancers, songs, video, merchandise, costume changes, and too much information about Joseph and Laura’s personal romantic history – this isn’t your usual comedy show.

Two Hearts runs so hard against the grain is pleasing” – The Spinoff

Creators of Two Hearts Laura & Joseph have fostered a prolific creative partnership in live comedy and television. Both work on TV3’s Funny Girls (perform & write), Jono & Ben (Laura stars, Joseph directs, both write), they have featured as panelists on 7 Days and are core cast members of SNORT, a hit cult weekly improvised show at The Basement. Two Hearts are nominated for the 2018 Bill T Award and have both been previously nominated individually. 

Their musical collaborations have been a highlight of their work, with original songs for Jono and Ben and Funny Girls,such as “Palmy North”, “Up To”, and “Orange Guy” generating millions of views online. Now with Two Hearts they get a chance to indulge their love of devastatingly catchy music for an hour live on stage. 

“a combustible duo that sizzles on stage”

Laura & Joseph have performed at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The New Zealand International Comedy Festival and Laura won the award for ‘Best Performance in Comedy’ at the 2015 Auckland Fringe. Joseph has also toured to Edinburgh with FanFiction Comedy and created the hit NZICF line-up show DOPE JOKE PARTY.

Expect non-stop catchy AF bangers from this powerhouse duo Laura ( “Best Dressed”, “11 Most Eligible Women”) and Joseph (neither of those) on their WORLD TOUR of Auckland. Ideal for a Christmas function, a boozy get together, or for taking along an estranged parent in an attempt to reconnect, this pitch perfect pop-music send-up is bound to sell out.

I had mascara running down my face because I laughed so hard that I cried… One truly slick production” –

For too long they’ve been slumming it as comedians, and finally they’ve found their true calling.

Loft at Q Theatre, 305 Queen Street, Auckland
Tue 12th – Sat 16th December 2017
Tickets: $25 – $35, $100 VIP GOLD EXPERIENCE
Bookings: // 09 309 9771

Laura Daniel, Joseph Moore, Zara Cormack, Harry McNaughton, Danielle Timbers & Benjamin Channing 

Producer:  Brendan Talbot
Lighting Design:  Rachel Marlow & Brad Gledhill
Set Design:  Chris Stratton
Sound Design:  Chris Stratton, Sam Mence 
Costume:  Sacha Young
Makeup:  Chay Roberts
Stage/ Set Management:  Chris Stratton 

Produced by: New Zealand Music Theatre Company

Theatre , Musical , Comedy ,

1 hr 10 mins


Review by Tim George 15th Dec 2017

Following a successful run at this year’s New Zealand Comedy Festival, Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore have brought their hit musical comedy Two Hearts back for another season.  

Maybe it’s a sign of my accelerating decrepitude, but for about the first half of the show I was not really feeling this one. And it has a lot to do with the show’s reliance on self-referential jokes picking apart the show. Now the show is supposed to be a send-up of the ego and superficial humanitarianism of contemporary pop music, so a certain level of winking at the audience is to be expected. But the unrelenting flow of cheap, easy gags gets exhausting. [More


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An all-round slick production

Review by Heidi North 13th Dec 2017

Two Hearts is a fantastically fun and funny hour of your life. Part pop-band performance, part comedy, the loose narrative of the show is that two friends, Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore (who once, just once, had sex) have formed a musical duo and are performing a show. 

It’s hard to imagine how Laura Daniel could look or be more fabulous. I can’t pick the outfit of hers I like best; is it when she stands in the wind machine in her black leotard and skirt combo ‘flying’ under the gold glitter tape, or is it when she’s rocking the rainbow sequin jacket? 

There is no doubt Daniel is a gifted comedian, talented singer and dancer, and all-round smouldering pop goddess. 

The songs were very clever and funny, and genuinely great pop music. Joseph Moore acts as Daniels’ awkward love-struck sidekick who makes catchy beats. His persona on the stage adds an awkward sweetness to the glitter of Moore’s pop icon.  

There isn’t a song in the show that drags or one that I could pick out as being the best. They’re all fantastic. The songs are smart and on the button of ‘today’s issues’ all the while carefully subverting them. The audience cries with laughter.  

Daniel’s costumes are impressive. Small changes and touches elevate the show to genuinely feeling like Q Loft has been transformed into a pop venue. It’s an all-round slick production.

There are glowing wristbands, big screen TV’s, fantastic back up dancers and songs about consent. There’s also a smattering of free booze and someone got a bag of bread lobbed at their head.

The worst thing about Two Hearts is an audience member behind me laughing so hard I worry he might have stroke. He doesn’t. We all survived to tell the tale, and the message is simple: go. 


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