Q Theatre Loft, 305 Queen St, Auckland

07/05/2013 - 11/05/2013

NZ International Comedy Festival 2007-09, 2013

Production Details

Kila Kokonut Krew presents Vela Manusaute in Big Balls – witness the crazy little coconut in action – who needs to be tall when you’ve got Big Balls?!

Bring the wife, make her happy! Give the husband something to talk about at church! You have been warned… this show is NOT for the Grandparents (unless you wanna give them a heart attack), no one is safe!

No skinny jeans allowed – let those Big Balls loose!

Showing In: Auckland
Dates:   Tue 7 – Sat 11 May, 7:15pm
Venues: Loft at Q, Auckland
Tickets: Adults $25.00
Conc. $20.00 | Groups $20.00* service fees may apply

Bookings: 09 309 9771

A kick in the balls

Review by Sharu Delilkan 10th May 2013

The show started off in the classic Kila Kokonut Krew slapstick style that we are all familiar with. But it was not long before it was obvious that Vela Manusaute was totally on the ball. His latest show at the NZ International Comedy Festival titled Big Balls was a great way to get the ball rolling and to talk about the tough ‘ball breaking’ issues. 

The tone of a show riddled with silly ball puns very quickly turned serious, making us realise that it was a different ball game altogether. 

Vela’s creation of an all too familiar authority figure which can only be described as a cross between a religious leader and a motivational speaker was powerful, making the delivery of his ‘balls’ of wisdom unstoppable. [More]


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A poignant journey that enthrals and entertains

Review by Bruce Robertson 08th May 2013

Vela Manusaute’s Big Balls show is a highly entertaining hour of stylish humour. 

He invites you to join his ‘Fellowship of the Balls’, where balls are used as a metaphor for things that are significant; white balls, short balls and coconut balls to name but a few.

He takes you on an energetic, but personal, journey that ranges from teachers mispronouncing his name and lessons from YouTube through to taking his kids to the supermarket in South Auckland (and locking them in the car) and to being married for 18 years.

Vela doesn’t go for the belly laughs but for the more subtle home-truths that make you laugh inside. It is a poignant journey that enthrals and entertains and is delivered with energy and subtlety.

He is provocative to the audience but draws them in with warmth and humour.

I leave with a broad smile on my face, and from the enthusiastic applause from the crowd I know that they do too.


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