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30/10/2020 - 07/11/2020

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All you need is a mobile device, headphones – and a friend…  

“Turning out the lights and closing your eyes to concentrate on the soundscape lets your imagination run wild” – TimeOut Melbourne  

Following on from the success of DOUBLE and just in time for the spooky season, the VISITORS experience is an immersive 20 minute audio encounter, completed in pairs using only the listener’s own mobile device and headphones in their own living room.

Just in time for the spooky season, Australia’s Realscape Productions and UK’s Darkfield present a chilling new iteration of their compelling audio experiences with VISITORS, opening Thursday 29 October. With many events around Aotearoa cancelled due to uncertainty over gatherings, the team at Darkfield Radio have ensured that Halloween parties’ country-wide can be as creepy as one dares, complete with a pair of unintentionally invited guests.

The new episode builds a strange and curious world through Darkfield’s trademark impressive 3D sound design, centered on a dead couple inviting themselves into the audience’s home looking for a temporary solution to their permanent condition. A reflection on our irrepressible desire to touch and why the dead find so little comfort in the world of the living, the VISITORS experience is a 20 minute, immersive audio encounter, completed in pairs using only the listener’s own mobile device and headphones in their own living room.

Darkfield Radio was launched in response to the world-wide closures of the arts industry due to COVID-19, and a shift from physical installations to home entertainment. The first episode DOUBLE, which was selected for the Venice International Film Festival as the first ever audio-only experience in the history of the festival, landed to critical and audience acclaim in Aotearoa in September.

New Zealand’s audiences have joined over 170,000 people globally to experience Darkfield’s captivating and intense immersive narratives, told across their radio platform and shipping container-based experiences.

Realscape Productions look forward to bringing these multi-sensory experiences to local audiences in the future. “It’s only a matter of time until the AU-NZ bubble opens up and we can bring the Darkfield shipping containers to Aotearoa. Until then, this is a great preview of what is to come” says Amy Johnson, Realscape Co-founder

Darkfield Radio’s VISITORS opens to the NZ public Friday 30 October 2020
[until 7 November at time of posting]

Tickets are available via the Darkfield website:

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20 mins

The closest you’ll get to a true ghost encounter this Halloween

Review by Deborah Eve Rea 30th Oct 2020

Darkfield Radio is back with a second immersive audio experience for audiences at home. Visitors follows a similar structure to their first endeavour, Double. The experience is designed for two people, listening via the app through headphones, in a room together.  

Australia’s Realscape Productions and UK’s Darkfield bring uninvited guests into the homes of the listeners. Headphones allow the ghostly soundscape to creep up to you, encircle you and chillingly whisper in your ear. Born out of lockdown, Visitors explores the need for human touch and relationships.

As usual with horror, the narrative is a classic that we’ve heard a version or two of before but Darkfield’s focus isn’t on plot – it’s on unnerving you with skin-crawling soundscape and it certainly achieves that.

Survivors of domestic violence may wish to avoid it. 

Visitors is a quick dip into the purgatory at only about 15 minutes. It’s the closest you’ll get to a true ghost encounter this Halloween.


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