A striking new dance production by VOU Dance FijiVU (meaning ancient god) is a taboo movement response to the ancestral protectors from the heathen past of Fiji.

Our VU is steadfast with and against us. Reminiscing on the sacred offerings we possess, each dancer’s VU travels through their mind and soul to relinquish the reality of protection and sacrifices made to nourish the spirits with which we share the same blood.

We are walking bloody steps in its feet. We are forcefully grounded by its heavenly/deadly testimonies. We vigorously devour the helpless soul of our mother’s village. We imitate our forefathers who worshipped the dirt. We are punished endlessly by its love.

Witness a unique fusion of contemporary Fijian dance, choreographed by award-winning choreographer Vivian Aue.

VU, will you provide for us or make us suffer?