Okareka Dance Company presents Koanga Youth Performance – Where is home?

Posing questions to the youth of today through the media of contemporary dance and drama, students will explore, devise and perform original choreography created by themselves and tutors from Okareka Dance Company.

This will be an exploration of where and what participants consider to be home. As New Zealand is such a multi-cultural, multi-racial country, and with up to three or four generations of cultures now residing here, where do these new, young cultures consider home? By tracing one’s genealogy, you can find where you came from and how you got here.

Participants explore questions such as ‘do they connect with their blood?’, ‘do they belong or think they belong to their ‘mother-land’?’, ‘what is their relationship with the ‘whenua’ of Aotearoa?’, ‘what do they call home?’ and ‘why did their elders/ancestors come here?’