Fringe Bar, 26-32 Allen St, Te Aro, Wellington

05/03/2015 - 07/03/2015

NZ Fringe Festival 2015 [reviewing supported by WCC]

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Jonathan Duffy is an accomplished actor, stand-up comic and award-winning filmmaker. He is also painfully aware that most people have no idea who he is. Give him one hour and he hopes to change that. With the help of a few friends, some well-crafted jokes and a bit of song and dance, he is sure you will never forget him.  

Jonathan has climbed his way from the bottom to, well a little bit higher than the bottom, and he’s not thanking any deity or universal presence for getting him there. Jonathan is most notably unknown for his 2011 documentary “The Doctor’s Wife”, which followed him and his partner Dr Vincent Cornelisse as they moved from Brisbane to central Queensland as an openly gay couple.   

In “Without me, I’m Nothing”, Jonathan will share some anecdotes from the road along with observations made from the perspective of a city-gay turned country-gay, turned city-gay. Enjoy the ride as he shares his take on things like long term relationships, pleasing a gay audience and gay-Christmas (otherwise known as Eurovision). Jonathan promises to entertain shock and surprise all with an irreverence he should be known for, but isn’t.

“It was refreshing to see on stage that life as a gay man is complex, and not just about sex, dance parties, Kylie and coming out.” Tim Hunter – Time Out 

“Jonathan Duffy displays a unique combination of integrity and humour, infusing the darkest experiences with such a strong sense of hope that his words become at once shocking and uplifting. Combining his endearing persona with a range of accents, a beautiful singing voice, and a keenly balanced grasp of physical humour, he performs an unforgettable stand-up comedy experience.” Josh Cake

“Jonathan Duffy is a rare storyteller. He effortlessly weaves humour with tragedy, self reflection with social observation, to create a rich and thoroughly entertaining tapestry of story. Rare is the performer that can make an audience both laugh and cry with a touch that is honest, personal and insightful.” – Emma Gibbs (one word stories)

“A born performer. From the moment he enters the stage you just know you’ll be entertained.” Bev Killick

Venue: The Fringe Bar – 26-32 Allen St 
Time: 8.30pm 
Running Time: 60mins.
Dates: 5th – 7th March 2015
Price: Full Price: $20 | Concession: $15 | Fringe Addict/Fringe Artist: S12
Online: www.fringe.co.nz 

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A great fun show with a very big heart

Review by Patrick Davies 06th Mar 2015

Jonathan Duffy: The Doctor’s Wife, Actor and Stand Up comic – not to mention a pretty amazing cabaret artist. He’s also a self-actualist – his life is his life the way he wants it and he’s not afraid to sing about it. This is a jaunt through some of Jonathan’s upbringing that lead him to this stage.

A small audience warms up very quickly to his slick and easy patter in a show all about him: “You may call me narcissistic, but I think you mean realistic”. And what a show, what a life. From the middle of the outback to getting to the doorstep of his favourite Scandinavian. 

Duffy’s been touring his show and it means it’s a well-honed performance that easily wins over the crowd, be it the selfies he’s showing us or the songs which punctuate the show. Amazing backing music matches an equally amazing voice. 

There are some real guffaws here but he also manages to take us to a very personal space during which you could hear a pin drop – not bad for a pub. There is a moment when I feel this might move into ‘message play’, dealing with the effects of bullying on self-worth, but it is gloriously transformed into a shining moment. The ticket price alone is worth the reveal of the costume. 

This is a show about the things that have made him who he is so there are the stories of youth; the stories of coming out; the stories of being the doctor’s wife in a small town in the middle of the outback which became his award winning doco (how many out male couples do you imagine out there). And they all grow from and lead to his philosophy, summed up as… Well you should see this show to find out.

Extra marks to Felix, his aide de camp for the show, who came on board and… Well again you should go see to find out what happens onstage with Felix. A great fun show with a very big heart: warmly recommended. 


Maryanne Cathro March 6th, 2015

Agreed, a fantastic night out. Even the small audience was laughing itself silly, me included. In WELLINGTON! Jonathan is great.

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