Women Voicing : a mixed bill

Basement Theatre Studio, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland

07/02/2019 - 07/02/2019

Experimental Dance Week Aotearoa 2019

Production Details

Women Voicing: Choreographers Claire O’Neil, Cathy Livermore, Julia Harvie share separate solo works.
Basement Theatre (Studio) 

Choreographer & Performer: Claire O’Neil
Sound Designer: Kristian Larsen
Scenographer: Myriam Hermeline
Dramaturg: Leah Carrell

A choreographic reimagining reflecting on memories, selves and the now using a collage of improvisation, sound and live scenography.

Cathy Livermore

An improvised process of mihi (a speech), through movement. Exploring the activation of mihitanga as an embodied, intentional energetic process of meeting with realms of frequencies in the process of becoming together. I’d like to do this as a 2 person performance, where I’d be doing a mihi to one other that can be viewed by ‘audience/community’. Possibly it could be an exchange between 2 of us, i’d like that especially if from 2 unique cultural protocols. Either I will work with a collaborator or a selected person from within our gathering would work too.

Julia Harvie: KILLJOY 

Over the past few years Julia has collaborated with a number of visual artists in the gallery setting including Peter Robinson, Stuart Lloyd-Harris and most recently Pauline Rhodes. KILLJOY will continue the dialogue with Rhodes’ work in conjunction with her show at The Lett Gallery in February, engaging with the question: “What colours represent rage?”and in this instance taking the dialogue into a theatre context. It is also an opportunity to engage with her own ‘rage’ felt physically and often manifest in her practice. It is here that rage can be channeled in a positive sense and with a feminist lens, something she has been reflecting on after reading “Rage Becomes Her” by Soraya Chemaly and engaging with Sarah Ahmet’s “Living the Feminist Life”. Julia has been engaging with ways to pierce and permeate her relationship with the spectator, with text and duration, all of which will be at play in the work.



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Workshops: $15/10 conc
Offsite performances times/places tbc: Free of charge
Talks/discussions: Free of charge
One on one performance: Free of charge

PROMOCODE: Students with ID: LOVE2019 ($15 performances, $5 workshops) Maximum of 40.

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Performance installation , Performance Art , Maori contemporary dance , Improv , Dance , Contemporary dance ,

90 mins

Internal ghosts. Horizontal voice. Ode to the body.

Review by Neža Jamnikar 08th Feb 2019

Cathy Livermore


Spongy pink, yellow and blue

moist of the heart.


On the illuminated pedestal

bending is a core of you.

Voices of the insides,

sounds of the identity –

second skin is singing the songs of the ancestors.


Spirits of the space are moving the unspeakable.

Transcendent is the past when travelling through present.


Proximity of memories is

catching the wind of your mother’s and father’s songs in your hands.

Shadows of the internal ghosts of existence and identity

are shaking your presence.


Leaving a trace of gifts and singing a song of appreciation and thanks –

To enter your home

as it is mine

as IT IS mine. 


Claire O’Neil (Transparent)


I clearly hear how you resonate.

I see how you sound.


Subtle intention –

How you form space

and space holds you.


Constant reorganisation is flow /

Even your fingernails contain life.

Slow dance of your kinesphere

is exploding your skinesphere.


Tracing moves / moving shapes / sounding breath


Controlled risk is an unbalanced beauty

Duality of white curiosity


He sounds you

You colour her

We may enter you


Conversations with multiple bodies of you.

Caught breathed words on your lips signal through where and here of your spine.

It’s Claire.


Reception is grainy but clear –

It’s now about how.

Do you copy?


Brush the way she makes you.


Angular trace is taped verticality

and orderly chaotic is a pause.

One eyed face of white transparency –

canvas catching distortion.


Story is composition of horizontal voice, satisfying stillness,

and black is white on white / is now. 


Julia Harvie (KILLJOY)


Humorous brutal reality,

glimpses of cynical reflection

on social push to bodily judgement and shaken identities.


Roman statue of modern feminism.

Hear the voice / avoid its sound


Slightly enjoyed banana,

but sour is lemon.

Suck all juices,

hear the pleasures.

See me.


Moving on edges of self-appreciation and acceptance.

Exposed vulnerability of a minded body –

simple in complexity,

loud in owned rage.


Liberating manifesto of nude identity –

We were all born the same,

but the control is mine.


The ode to the body /

Love letter to autonomy /

Self-encouraging fight /

Roars of trapped frustrations and rage –

she is Venus and she is Nike.


Dress the public self,


mother’s and father’s daughter

is what a feminist looks like.


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