Raye Freedman Arts Centre, Gillies Avenue (Cnr Silver Road) Epsom, Auckland

12/07/2014 - 20/07/2014

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Luna’s World invites you to the Wonderful Winter Wollie Flopp.

The magical characters of Twinkle Town need your help to save the Winter Wollie Flopp – which means a superb party! Come and join them on a spectacular adventure, with original songs and dance routines that you will be singing for weeks. On walking into the theatre you will be thrown into a truly magical winter setting. The perfect holiday experience that you won’t forget.

Before you go, make sure you watch the short film of the characters getting ready for the show (to be released on 14th June).  And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for updates, photos and competitions!

We hope to see lots of lovely children all dressed up, and after the show they will have a chance to meet the characters and have their pictures taken with them.

Limited Shows – book now to avoid disappointment! 


Raye Freedman Arts Centre
Cnr Silver Road & Gillies Ave, Epsom, Auckland
12-13 & 19-20 July 2014, 11am & 2pm
Recommended age: 3 – 8
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Tickets are also available at:   
Conch Records, 115a Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland 
Real Groovy, 438 Queen Street, Auckland 

Please contact the Luna’s World Tree Hut for more information lauren@lunasworld.co.nz 


  • The Raye Freedman Arts centre is located on the corner of Gillies Avenue (Newmarket end) and Silver Road in Epsom.
  • Sales through iTICKET close two hours prior to each performance, and door sales are available.
  • All children who are walking must have an allocated seat and a ticket. Only babes in arms are free and only babes in arms may sit on the knees of adults.
  • Running time is approximately 45 minutes.
  • Prams, car seats and capsules are not permitted in the auditorium, and can be left in the theatre foyer.
  • Wheelchair accessible seats must be booked in advance, so please contact the theatre. Early arrival is recommended, please advise ushers upon arrival if you have booked a wheelchair accessible seat.
  • We recommend that you arrive early and park in Sharpe Road, Owens Road or Albury Avenue. Free parking is available on weekends, however please note that parking is not exclusive to RFAC patrons as it is shared by other visitors to the school.
  • RFAC is a pleasant 15 minute walk from Newmarket Train Station, and both the Inner and Outer City Link bus stops.

Pixie Pete:  Stephen Lunt 
Tama:  Jahmaine Paki 
Fairy Sandy:  Erana Dobson 
Fairy Twirl/ Dance choreographer:  Hyde Sham 
Fairy Page:  Jessie Lawrence 
Fairy Fern:  Clementine Howe 
Fairy Faye:  Vickie Billingham   

Stage Manager:  Lucy Suess 
Theatre Manager :  Jo Kelly 
Technical Producer:  James Brookes
Director:  Luke Thornborough 
Theatre Technical Supervisor :  Bodhi Twilley 
Marketing Director:  James Billingham
Set Designer:  Holly MacPherson 
Props Maker/ Set Dresser:  Jane Brookes
Lighting Designer:  Melissa Johnson
Lighting Technician:  Matt Johns
Technician:  Vaughan Williams 
Composer/ Playback:  Daniel Habedank 
The Cup Cake Fairy (Food):  Tanya Valentin
Key Make-up Artist:  Joanne Morgan (TBC) 
Hair Stylist:  Clare Cairns 
Photographer:  Megan Blackwell
Series Executive Producer:  Stephen Campbell  

Sat & Sun only

Children transported

Review by Candice Lewis 14th Jul 2014

There are plenty of beauty pageant smiles, pretty hairdos (Clare Cairns) gorgeous costumes, catchy songs and fun dances throughout this 45 minute fairy inspired romp. I may not be convinced that love emanates from the pores of each grinning fairy, but I am not three years old!  

This show is aimed at children in the 3-9 age group. From the ‘baking cakes’ outset, the fairies are getting ready for the Wonderful Winter Wollie Flopp. What is that? An excuse to find the perfect shoes in which to dance and eat too much cake. 

What could possibly get in the way? Pixie Pete (Stephen Lunt) just can’t keep away from the cakes! Oh no! Lunt has a genuine air of lovable naughtiness as a Pixie with a penchant for profiteroles and telling porkies. 

The ensuing story contains a morality tale (The Boy Who Cried Wolf) and Pixie Pete’s porkie pies soon catch up with him. 

The fairy essence of love is truly present in Fairy Page (Jessie Lawrence). From the moment she graces the stage, I think “yes, there’s a real fairy!” 

When songs are performed, they are backed up by a recording which seems a little cheap and distracting. It gives a strange impression to the performance, a little too ‘lip-synchrastic’ for my liking, but certainly isn’t detracting from the children’s enjoyment.

Accompanying me on this adventure is a friend and her three year old daughter.  I have borrowed a discerning six year old girl, and both girls are spellbound. I keep looking at them throughout the show and their little faces reflect complete delight. We all agree that Fairy Page is our favourite. Almost every child in the audience is able to focus on this 45 minute show (which is quite a feat).  Miss 3 is so excited that she sometimes blurts things out and talks to the fairies, she’s so involved!

I ask the girls what rating they would give the show. Both agreed 10/10. So there you have it; even if you find it hard to sit still for this fairy foray into excess cake and shoe consumption, your children will be transported! 


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