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Angels in America Part I: Millennium Approaches


29/09/2007 - 06/10/2007

"Moving theatre beautifully realised with grace and style..

"Modern masterpiece played with panache..

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Pig Hunt


23/08/2007 - 01/09/2007

"Authentic, moving and humorous..

"Tender, hilarious, and real..

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MONARCHY the Musical


21/07/2007 - 25/08/2007

"“Monarchy is musical chairs, all high kicks and foreign affairs…”..

"Many jewels in the royal repartee..

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King Lear

Wellington, Dunedin

01/08/2007 - 01/09/2007

"Return season wanted in Wellington..

"A great work realised with fidelity..

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Uncle Vanya


28/04/2007 - 02/06/2007

"Social satire moves and endures..

"More philosophic than active..

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Young and Hungry 2007


15/06/2007 - 30/06/2007

"Surreal melodrama | Hysterical from start to finish | Hilarious excuse for kick ass fighting..

"Give Grant Buist his own TV show..

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Falling Petals


05/07/2007 - 21/07/2007

"Initial premise is not realistic or believable..

"In search of an ending..

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Fight or Flight


02/03/2007 - 10/03/2007

"Highly interesting; could go deeper..

"Only briefly airborne..

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The Orderly

Auckland, Wellington

06/09/2006 - 18/05/2008

"Consummate skill in finely balanced production..

"Comedy lacks emotional punch..

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Deliver Us


03/02/2007 - 27/02/2007

"Critiquing the middle class and/or sympathetic towards women?..

"A fine presentation of the lives of girls and women..

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Doubt - a parable


10/02/2007 - 10/03/2007

"Tight, enthralling drama..

"Terrific play..

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Flagons & Foxtrots


10/02/2007 - 17/03/2007

"Predictable yet enchanting..

"Sure-footed direction and dance..

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