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Andrew Gunn is a Tāmaki-based theatre artist, writer and aspiring journalist.  He co-founded Pressure Point Collective with Rose Tapsell in 2013.  He has since produced four plays and a promenade work – GOD-BELLY (2014), POTATO STAMP MEGALOMANIAC (2016), FLESH OF THE GODS (Development season, 2017), Violent Bloom (2018), and Auspicious Happening (2018-19).
His best-known work is his solo play POTATO STAMP, a ‘kaleidoscopic reimaging of a manic episode’, which was awarded an Excellence Award for Overall Production at the Auckland Theatre Awards, 2016.
Gunn’s plays have so far investigated control over the body, ritual, mental illness, and the politics of whiteness.  Most of his work is darkly satirical, intensely physical and metafictional (in which he either plays himself or a very poorly disguised version of himself).

Tapsell and Gunn have since moved in different creative directions, and he remains artistic director of Pressure Point alongside core collaborator Tom Dennison (sound designer). 

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SCATTERGUN: After the Death of Rūaumoko

Auckland, Nelson

28/07/2022 - 04/05/2024

"The audience shout accolades, rising and roaring “Bravo, bravo”...

"A Shakespeare for all New Zealand..

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