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Pick and Mix 2

"A review-style show full of astute insights from three unique and talented comedians...

Samantha Hannah – Female Lady Women Comedians


23/05/2023 - 18/05/2024

"Not just for female lady women comedians..

"A warm hug of distinct but recognisable personalities..

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TE TUPUA – The Goblin

Wellington, Whangarei, Dunedin

20/10/2021 - 18/05/2024

"Energy is high throughout..


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Transmission: Beta


18/05/2024 - 15/06/2024

"Confronting, enlightening, comedic, tragic – and essential in every respect..

DIRTY WORK - An Ode to Joy

Auckland, Nelson, Christchurch, Wellington, Tauranga, Hamilton, New Plymouth

16/06/2023 - 25/05/2024

"Randomness, uncertainty, absurdity, happiness, songs and Joy..

"Indian Ink does it again…. Delightful on all levels..

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H.R. The Musical

Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington

01/02/2024 - 22/05/2024

"Riotous send-up of corporate culture...

"Fine, unblemished work by the whole cast with Mika Austin shining in the lioness' share of the differing personas...

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Yeah Nah Pavlova


16/05/2024 - 17/05/2024

"These two fireworks create a show that sparks the audience regardless of their origin...

Eli Matthewson - Night Terror

Wellington, Auckland

10/05/2024 - 18/05/2024

"More definite content and a director to pace and edit will make this good show even better...

Wilson Dixon – Love Don't Live Here Anymore, You Do


16/05/2024 - 17/05/2024

"A huge amount to savour in this performance..

The 39 Steps


16/05/2024 - 25/05/2024

"Energetic from start to finish..

Ivan Aristeguieta - Too Easy


14/05/2024 - 15/05/2024

"Weaves multiple threads with consummate skill..

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - Live on Stage

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch

23/04/2024 - 19/05/2024

"Ensemble work makes this Exotic production sing..

"A satirically amusing socio-political commentary..

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Trent H Baumann – Stop the Noise. Listen to the Music.


14/05/2024 - 18/05/2024

"A reminder to support the world we want to see and live in..

Cancer and Cartwheels


14/05/2024 - 14/05/2024

"Courageous and resoundingly funny..

Rhiannon McCall – Toxic Shock Bimbo


14/05/2024 - 18/05/2024

"A truly unique, energised, and bold offering..

Lana Walters – Don't Lick That


14/05/2024 - 18/05/2024

"An amusing hour..

Prima Facie

Wellington, Hamilton, Palmerston North

24/06/2023 - 26/05/2024

"Cracking courtroom tour-de-force mentally and emotionally spellbinding..

"A stunning and challenging night of theatre..

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Alayne Dick – Purple is the Gayest Colour


07/05/2024 - 11/05/2024

"Filled with heart and our hearts are full also..



11/05/2024 - 09/06/2024

"Wondrous, entrancing and delightful (or should that be enlightful?)..

Joana Joy: Standing Still


29/06/2023 - 10/05/2024

"Bevy of excellent one liners and snazzy physicality..

"Fearless, playful, intriguing and refreshing..

Swan Lake - The Royal NZ Ballet

Wellington, Dunedin, Christchurch, Auckland

18/07/2013 - 05/05/2024

"Sumptuous production..

"Pedigree production of Swan Lake by Russell Kerr,..

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