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Picture Perfect


09/09/2006 - 07/10/2006

"The wizardry of Artificial Intelligence..

"Family raises the dead..

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D'Arranged Marriage

Auckland, Wellington

12/09/2006 - 30/09/2006

"Comedy nicely arranged..

"Richly woven comic tale..

Beauty and the Beast


09/09/2006 - 23/09/2006

"Spirited Local Production of Disney’s Timeless Classic Franchise..

Ashes to Ashes & One for the Road


07/09/2006 - 24/09/2006

"Brutal truth rewarding..

The Orderly

Auckland, Wellington

06/09/2006 - 18/05/2008

"Consummate skill in finely balanced production..

"Comedy lacks emotional punch..

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Beautiful City

Auckland, Dunedin, Wellington

06/09/2006 - 14/10/2006

"Exploratory experience..

"Prosaic abstractions..

The Witches


01/09/2006 - 23/09/2006

"Fabulous, funny, physical and imaginative..

The Lead Wait


11/06/2006 - 06/09/2006

"Absorbing ultra-naturalism..

The Seeds of Love


05/09/2006 - 09/09/2006

"Depths and heights..

"All senses engaged..

Accidental Death of an Anarchist


24/08/2006 - 02/09/2006

"Classic and modern, Italian and British, serious and crazy..

Floor Play

Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington

29/08/2006 - 08/09/2006

"For those who like to watch..

And What Remains


25/08/2006 - 02/09/2006

"Implausible leap of faith required..


Milo's Wake

Dunedin, Auckland

11/07/2006 - 27/08/2006

"Infectious jollity, spellbinding tragedy..

"'Corpse' generates mirth and exhumes demons..

Flagons & Foxtrots


26/08/2006 - 14/10/2006

"Down the dance hall sixties style: true community theatre..

The Blonde, The Brunette and The Vengeful Redhead

Auckland, Wellington

24/08/2006 - 07/10/2006

"Transforming performance not to be missed..

"Fox excels with fatal flaws..

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22/08/2006 - 02/09/2006

"Finely tuned second time round..

"The paradox of constant change..

Porgy and Bess

Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington

22/08/2006 - 26/08/2006

"Soloists excel in punishing tour..

The Case of Katherine Mansfield

Auckland, Wellington

22/08/2006 - 03/02/2007

"KM from an AK standpoint?..

"'False" life rings true..

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Debbie Reynolds Live


22/08/2006 - 22/08/2006

"Timeless treat – and did we care?..

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