ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre

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Reviews of productions held at ASB Theatre, Aotea Centre

Complexions Contemporary Ballet


05/12/2007 - 09/12/2007

"Delicious melting pot of dance movement..


Auckland, Wellington

20/09/2007 - 20/10/2007

"Transported by totalitarian state opera..


Auckland, Wellington

31/08/2007 - 14/10/2007

"Designed to dance..

"Elegance and humour arise from underlying sadness..

King Lear

Auckland, Wellington

11/08/2007 - 25/08/2007

"Uneven performancess diminish excellence..

"Star performance should have shone brighter..

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The Seagull

Auckland, Wellington

14/08/2007 - 26/08/2007

"Comedy, melodrama and undertow of tragedy..

"Middle class deprivations..

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Swan Lake

Palmerston North, Napier, Dunedin, Auckland, Wellington

25/05/2007 - 24/06/2007

"Making the world a kinder, better place..

"Back to the future with a new view of classical ballet..

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Lucia di Lammermoor

Auckland, Wellington

23/06/2007 - 21/07/2007

"Superb execution of music and production..

"Compelling, true and worth it..

Les 4 Saisons


14/03/2007 - 18/03/2007

"Sensuous, delicate, witty..

Dark Tourists


09/03/2007 - 11/03/2007

"Ironic, self-imploding, commenting, interesting..

Tao: The Martial Art of Noise

Wellington, Dunedin, Christchurch, Auckland

23/09/2006 - 29/09/2006


Floor Play

Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington

29/08/2006 - 08/09/2006

"For those who like to watch..

Porgy and Bess

Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington

22/08/2006 - 26/08/2006

"Soloists excel in punishing tour..

Debbie Reynolds Live


22/08/2006 - 22/08/2006

"Timeless treat – and did we care?..