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Reviews of productions held at SKY CITY Theatre

Cirque Mother Africa

Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton

07/09/2010 - 29/09/2010

"Prepare to be happily freaked out..

"Unstoppable energy and sheer exuberance needs editing and better technical support..

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AotearoHA Comic Confessions


10/09/2010 - 11/09/2010

"Personal best in confessional..

Auntie & Me

Auckland, New Plymouth, Christchurch, Wellington, Tauranga

04/08/2010 - 28/08/2010

"Probable perceptions remain unrevealed..


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Stepping Out

New Plymouth, Hamilton, Auckland, Hastings, Tauranga

12/06/2010 - 07/08/2010

"Dance crew tap into night of fun..

"Impossible to leave without a smile..

CHOPPER: Make Deadsh*ts History (Aus)

Wellington, Auckland

07/05/2010 - 15/05/2010

"Audience a charity case, Chopper a philanthropist..

"His two-out-of-three theory makes this critic a contender..

The Best of the Billys 2010


01/05/2010 - 01/05/2010

"A mixed night..

Comedy Divas 2010

Wellington, Auckland

02/05/2010 - 09/05/2010

"Smut-gags get the biggest laughs..

"A taste of things to come..

JIMEOIN: Something... Smells Funny (Ire / Aust)

Wellington, Auckland

30/04/2010 - 08/05/2010

"The audience loved every minute..

"Word-perfect routine a charming insult..

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2010 Made in New Zealand

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin

26/04/2010 - 26/05/2010

"Footnote’s triumph lies with Purlieu..

"Physically robust ensemble in tight performance mode..

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22/04/2010 - 22/04/2010

"Make sure you start with an empty bladder..

High Tease


10/04/2010 - 10/04/2010

"All sugared out..

Comedy Christmas Gala

Auckland, Wellington

04/12/2009 - 11/12/2009

"More good yarns than belittling stuff, luckily..

"A highly recommended tonic..

It’s Rhys Darby Night

Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland

06/11/2009 - 11/12/2009

"Cleverly conceived, perfectly pitched, hugely satisfying..

"Excruciating Darby brings the house down..



31/10/2009 - 21/11/2009

"Oliver! You just about couldn’t ask for more..

"Sufficiently magnificent..

Busting Out!

Auckland, Whanganui, New Plymouth, Wellington, Hastings, Hamilton

09/09/2009 - 20/02/2010

"Classic comedy technique shines through..

"Unrestricted Aussie comics keep audience’s amusement well in hand..

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Four Flat Whites In Italy

Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth

11/06/2009 - 01/08/2009

"Kiwi quartet on tour in Italy with all the cultural baggage..

"Funny and insightful with tragic underpinnings..

Last Laugh 09


24/05/2009 - 24/05/2009

"The spirit of great comedy is alive and kicking in NZ..

Dai Henwood is Shabba!

Wellington, Auckland

15/05/2009 - 23/05/2009

"Giving 100%..

"Accessible style, great sense of humour..

Puppetry of the Penis - “Live”

Auckland, Wellington

12/05/2009 - 19/05/2013

"Limber, skilled, unbeatable stage presence..

"The balls to go public with privates..

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Mark Watson: All The Thoughts I’ve Had Since I Was Born


12/05/2009 - 16/05/2009

"Nothing to laugh about – but jokes must go on..

"Frantic and tangled self-effacing digressions infectious and …..

Te Radar’s Eating the Dog

Mosgiel, Wellington, Dunedin, Auckland, The Best of the Billys

12/05/2009 - 01/10/2011

"A trip off history’s beaten old track..

"Entertaining and accessible portrait of New Zealand culture..

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The Best of the Billys


11/05/2009 - 11/05/2009

"A long night – but a great one..