Tempo Dance Festival 2007

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New Zealand’s biggest dance festival is back from September 29 – October 28 when tempo˚ NZ’s Festival of Dance proudly returns to Auckland with an impressive programme of 913 performers dancing up a storm in over 93 performances.

In her second year as Festival director Mary Jane O’Reilly has pulled together an exceptional programme that umbrellas world, contemporary, fringe, popular culture and youth dance styles along with dance video and a chance to attend free forums and workshops. “Last year the festival proved that dance is something that Auckland loves and I am delighted to once again offer a comprehensive programme to appeal to a wide ranging audience” says O’Reilly.

The tempo˚ 2007 programme boasts performances from some of New Zealand’s most illustrious dance groups and choreographers including Touch Compass, Malia Johnston, Ann Dewey plus international artists – Corporation Tango and Cabal Noumea Ballet.

The Royal New Zealand Ballet Company will also perform a contemporary version of the classical fairy-tale Cinderella and the celebrated Maori dance collective Atamira will premiere a highly anticipated new work Whakairo, choreographed by Moss Patterson.

Other notable artists will be making appearances throughout the festival season, which sees a Douglas Wright installation at Auckland Museum and the support of celebrity festival ambassadors including Brian Jones, Candy Lane , Malia Johnston, Taane Mete and Tairoa Royal …to name but a few.

Presenting a variety of ethnic and social dance forms the popular World, Hot, Loud showcases will be major audience attractions and the choreographic showcase events will again be festival highlights at the Auckland Performing Arts Centre (TAPAC) in Western Springs – the hub of dance. TAPAC is joined by a host of other venues all over the city including Sky City Theatre, ASB Theatre, The Concert Chamber, Maidment Theatre and The Classic Comedy Club. Aotea Square also springs into life on September 30 with an outdoor ‘Body Jam” event with urban dance celebrity Gandalf Archer.

The success of tempo˚ reflects the public’s growing interest in dance thanks to its multiple sightings in various types of media. TV shows like Dancing With The Stars with it’s magnitude of differentiating evocative social styles and documentaries such as Dave LaChappelle’s Rize which deals with the clowning/krumping scene, have become immediate hits with viewing audiences. The appeal of dance also crosses all boundaries of ethnicity, sex and age. The festivals new initiative Sky City Access for the Elderly offers free 1000 tickets to those in their twilight years to enjoy the many dance events on offer in this year’s outstanding festival programme.

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