The Auckland Performing Arts Centre: TAPAC, Auckland

29/09/2007 - 06/10/2007

Tempo Dance Festival 2007

Production Details

Created and performed by Alys Longley & Valerie Smith

Dear People of Auckland,

We are terribly excited about performing for you in our Campervan! You can choose from 12 choreographies based on cupcake making, argument devising, anatomical calendars & claustrophobic existence. No two shows are the same!

Look for us outside TAPAC between Tempo° shows, & check out our blog for bookings & information.

Lots of Love, Alys & Valerie. 

When & Where: Sat 29 Sep at 5pm & 7pm – TAPAC carpark / Sun 30 Sep at 2.30pm at Aotea Square / Mon 1, Fri 5 & Sat 6 Oct at 7pm & 9pm – TAPAC carpark
Duration: 15 mins / 3 shows per hour
Tickets: $5
Ticketing: Door sales &    

Dance ,

They may have to get a tent

Review by 07th Oct 2007

I felt honoured to be present for the very last showing (for tempo) of this squished into a caravan "road" show. I had a cup of tea in a pretty  pink china cup. I needed it!

I know reviewing is primed to bring in more audience but in this case I didn’t see how it could as only five could fit at a time, ( I counted 9) and the two performers, Alys Longley  and Val Smith. I felt like crying as soon as I smelt the caravan smell, the pace of life suddenly seemed to slip away.

How is it that dance (in this case a fairly broad definition of dance) can invoke feelings? Two people dancing a teabag dance, moving alongside each other, reaching for midnight stars in a New Zealand sky or sitting reading in companionable holiday silence. So satisfying. What an excellent counter balance to the whirling festival feel.

If its on again next year – you must see it … and maybe they will have to get a tent as well! 


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