Terres d’Auras

Concert Chamber - Town Hall, THE EDGE, Auckland

05/10/2007 - 06/10/2007

Tempo Dance Festival 2007

Production Details

Choreographer - Sthan Kabar-Louet

New Caledonia’s Karbal Noumea Ballet

New Caledonia’s Karbal Noumea Ballet blends French flair & élan with Kanak rhythms & traditions creating a sensual, physical, earthy, contemporary Pacific movement style. Choreographer – Sthan Kabar-Louet (former Bejart Ballet soloist.) Karbal Noumea Ballet is part of the New Caledonia New Zealand Season 2007, proudly supported by the Government & Provinces of New Caledonia & France through the Fonds Pacifique & STAMP.

When: Fri 5 & Sat 6 Oct
Where: Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall, THE EDGE®
Time: 8pm / Sat matinee 2pm
Duration: 2 hrs with two 15 min intervals
Tickets: $30 Adult/ $24 & $18 Concession / Early Bird & Atamira discounts
Ticketing: Ticketek / Ph: 0800 842 538 / www.ticketek.co.nz

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Review by 06th Oct 2007

As with other dance shows, the opening moment of Karbal Noumea Ballet Company’s, Terres d’Auras is a slow time capturing moment, drawing us away from our outsidedness and into the realm of this next tempo Dance Festival show. Terres D’Auras is not so much a show though. Its more like a story, a New Caledonian visiting group telling us about themselves.

The third section is perhaps the most successful with the blend of dancer energy and precision, music and extended visual moments of the company dancing together: a most satisfying culmination for watching in response. In a different wachability frame, it is also interesting to see dancers adapt ballet technique to their intrinsic movement ranges. Both the female and male dancers maintain an elegant and musical acceptance of their bodies in a fuller, abandoned and more earthy style.

Clearly these dancers have been welcomed into our space. Although I wonder why we are watching such a gorgeous dance show, which spends a lot of time close to the floor, from seats right up there and personal and with limited viewing, grrr!  (other than the tiny TAPAC,  do we not have a dance theatre yet?)

The dancers seem relaxed and their dance work unfolds through three movement fields. Choreographer/ director, Sthan Kavbar-Louet presents intricately blended Kanak motifs, rhythms and costumes with dancer legs and proscenium dictated aesthetics. It is so recent that New Caledonia dances could have even included the drama and symbolic ritualism of their indigenous groups, and once again, I am left with a feeling that contemporary dance is a significant and revealing social, political commentary towards the way things could be.

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