Tempo is proud to support this year’s FRESH emerging choreographers: Joash Fahitua, Bhuvana Venkat, Lauren Byrne & Emma Martin, Ardon England and Xin Ji.

This annual festival favourite showcases physical stamina, innovation, sophistication and personality through five new works in a variety of dance styles including classical Indian dance, contemporary, Pacific Island dance, krump, hip hop and jazz.

“O lau tala Muamua lea na tusia” – this is my first story written.

Inspired by the wildlife sanctuary in India, rested upon deciduous forests and grassy meadows.

Catch the light. Pop. Manipulate. Fall. Dreams. Join. Transparent. Personalities. Sparkle. Reality.

Being FIERCE in your movements. Being FIERCE in your mind. Being FIERCE in your spirit.

The loudest mind, the quietest mouth…

A post-show forum and artist talk follows the performance on Wednesday 5 October.

Bookings https://nz.patronbase.com/_QTheatre/Productions/T16K/Performances