Tararua Tramping Club, 4 Moncrieff St, Mt Victoria, Wellington

23/09/2023 - 30/09/2023

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Written By Amalia Calder
Directed By Adam Koveskali

KidzStuff Theatre For Children

Goldilocks is visiting her family in the country, but Goldilocks is a city girl and doesn’t quite get country living. Baby bear is from the country but a different country. Everyone seems to be scared of Baby Bear and he is not sure why, really Baby Bear just wants some mates. His parents are very sneaky, there seems to be someone following them around and furniture keeps on going missing in the forest. Can you help us figure this all out? Get on your walking shoes and come and join us, to help Goldilocks and Baby bear, negotiate, this country living.

Adam Koveskali is stepping into the director role for Goldilocks. He is a regular and well-loved member of our team. You may remember him in The Pied Piper (2019), Badjelly The Witch (2018) and The Little Duckling (2017). Haydn Carter is also a regular KidzStuff actor with plenty of charm. This will be his 4th show with us! Shalakazap! (2023), Kiwi Courage (2022) and Badjelly The Witch (2021). Haydn is a Graduate of Whitireia’s Stage and Screen and has just started up his own children’s birthday party company, Precious Moments Entertainment. Jackson Burling and Amy Atkins are our newbies this time around. Jackson recently appeared in ‘Into the Woods’ for WITCH, Pinocchio for Circa Theatre and his solo show ‘Caution Wet Floor’ in the New Zealand Fringe. Amy has been a puppeteer for Little Dog Barking Theatre Company and Michal & Moe. She most recently performed her solo show ‘RAW! ASMR’ in the Nelson Fringe and New Zealand Fringe.

The Tararua Tramping Club
4 Moncrieff Street, Mount Victoria, Wellington
23rd – 30th September 2023
Monday – Friday 10am & 11:30am
10am shows only on Saturdays
No Shows Sunday
Tickets $13.50 pp, $50 family pass, Under 2’s free
$7 Special Preview, Saturday 23rd September 2023

Papa Bear/Rabbit/Shop Keep/FBI – Haydn Carter
Goldilocks/Mama Bear – Amy Atkins
Baby Bear – Jackson Burling

Director: Adam Koveskali
Technical Manager: Madyson King
Front of House: Adam Koveskali
Set: Cast & Crew
Production Support: Q Walker
Graphic Design: Nina Kereama-Stevenson
Financial Manager: Fergus Aitken
Creative Director/Producer/Publicity/Costume: Amalia Calder

Children’s , Family , Theatre ,

50 mins

The fun cast inspires the little audience members to play along with them

Review by Deborah Rea with Luna Rama and Dev Rama 25th Sep 2023

Ssshhh! Grandma is a secret field agent and we are welcome to join her team of spies. Goldilocks is far more interested in streaming and making online content than sniffing out some porridge. Baby Bear just wants a friend but it’s hard to make friends when you’re a 6.14 foot bear.

Baby Bear takes the role of hero in Amalia Calder’s retelling. Actor, Jackson Burling, gives us a loveable Baby who should have no problem making friends, if people would just give him a chance. Amy Atkins takes Goldilocks who traditionally is always difficult in the hero role.

Is Goldilocks a good guy? Or a bad guy who’s breaking into people’s houses and breaking their stuff? Kidzstuff likewise keeps Goldilocks on the edge of morality. She has a few things to learn about grace and courtesy.  

Haydn Carter jumps (and bounces) in and out of four roles over the 45 min show: Grandma, Papa Bear, Bunny and a shop-keeper. After the season, Kidzstuff might find that an edit could merge/cull a couple of those little fellows- but then we’d have less Haydn of course, which would be an utter tragedy.

The young and older in the audience are invited to join throughout the show via singing, dancing and interaction. Kidzstuff also reprises one of our favourite songs ‘I Love Cheese’ (from Jessica Bo Peep, perhaps?) by Amalia Calder and Chrysalynn Calder. I love the little bear costumes by Q Walker.

Director Adam Koveskali has put together a fun cast who love what they do and the little audience members are excited to play along with them.

Dev Rama (aged 4.5):
The show was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The Mama and Papa was stealing. Baby Bear didn’t know what a selfie is. It’s when you take a picture with somebody next to you- with you in the picture too. Or just of yourself. Papa Bear’s porridge was hot, Mama Bear’s porridge was cold and Baby Bear’s porridge was cheese. He doesn’t like porridge. I got up on the stage to do the Teddy song. I liked all of it.

Luna Rama (aged 7):

Baby Bear wants some friends. Some people are scared of bears but Goldilocks isn’t. Goldilocks was on the hunt for wifi, then she was on the hunt for cheese, then she was on the hunt for chairs.

Baby Bear and Golilocks sang ‘I love cheese’. Papa Bear and Mama Bear were stealing stuff. They stole Goldilocks’ phone and Goldilocks went to get it. The Bears said they were going to sell it but they gave it back and promised to never steal again. If they do, Granny has her eye on them because she’s a secret field agent. It was funny when the Bunny said, “let’s call the Paw Patrol”.

My favourite part was all of it – except the end because I loved the show and I didn’t want it to end.


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