Bodega, Wellington

03/03/2016 - 04/03/2016

NZ Fringe Festival 2016 [reviewing supported by WCC]

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That Grand Dame of Georgia, Penny Dreadful, is back for the 2016 New Zealand Fringe Festival

After her wildly successful entrance to the Wellington stage in 2013, Penny has been working day and night to bring you a bigger, better feast of flesh. 

The Revue will showcase two unique line-ups over the two night season, offering a different menu of men each night to suit any range of tastes. 

And if that’s not enough, Penny has dredged up Sink the Bizmarck from the Wellington underground scene. These sexy swamp rockers are infamous for leaving their audiences flustered, and are sure to add a touch of crass. 

Aiming to excite and delight, Penny Dreadful has put together a deliciously debaucherous line-up for your arousal and entertainment. Join us as some of the raunchiest boylesque acts from around the country come on stage for your consumption. With a focus on filth and frivolity, the Revue promises sex, skits and rock n’ roll.

Full – $35
Concession/Student – $20
Fringe Addict – $20

GENRE: Comedy, Dance, Cabaret
VENUE: Bodega 
Full: $35.00

Boylesque , Theatre ,

3 hours

Entertainment with pieces of man flesh

Review by Ashleigh Pope 04th Mar 2016

Penny Dreadful’s Risque Revue was everything the title suggested. Our MC, Penny Dreadful, descended from the stark, unforgiving tundras of Russia to host the evening. She begins with her interpretation of Peggy Lee’s Fever. While she slips in and out of her accent at the beginning, she gains confidence throughout the show and by the end almost has us convinced of her character’s origins. She is backed by a three-piece band who appear to be in costume — two males in dresses and one dressed as a nun (for no apparent reason). Penny appears proud of her attempts to objectify her “risque” performers as she declares she will “entertain [us] with pieces of man flesh”.

The first act, Blue Virtue, is a highlight. He immediately holds our attention with his sharp, controlled movements, suggestive facial expressions and direct invitations for audience participation as he jolts his head back and tenses his forehead raising his eyebrows as if to say “come and join me”. His background in dance is apparent through strong but graceful movements. Each choreographed move is deliberate and sharp. He is Magic Mike meets drag and 100% fabulous. Even his costume is planned down to a T. The way he incorporates lighting into both his costume and props is captivating. The audience is dazzled by his big reveal with audible gasps coming from all directions.

Victor Victorious struts with purpose in comically high heels during his burlesque dance number. With a chair as his only prop, he uses his flirty facial expressions, pursing his lips, smiling with his eyes and glancing from side to side as he contorts his body in a way we can only dream of doing. While there are moments I fear for his safety, i.e. wobbling on a chair in what look like 8’’ heels, his choreography and execution are en pointe.

Russian comedian Anya Rzhevitskaya is next in the lineup, however the audience is not as responsive as they may have been at a dedicated stand up show. She stands tall though as she deconstructs life in Russia comparing it to New Zealand. She manages to contrast the two cultures in such a way that New Zealand audience could relate.

With a mildly disjointed, yet charming mix of many performances, Penny Dreadful’s Risque Revue certainly entertains with its eclectic mix of unique and unconventional talent.

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