THE COOL MUM: Jo Ghastly’s Guide to Parenting

Little Andromeda, Level 1/134 Oxford Terrace, Central City, Christchurch

03/07/2020 - 03/07/2020, Nelson

21/08/2020 - 25/08/2020

Good Times – Comedy Club, 224 St Asaph St, Christchurch

11/09/2020 - 11/09/2020

Te Auaha - Tapere Nui, 65 Dixon Street, Te Aro, Wellington

12/05/2023 - 13/05/2023

Nelson Fringe Festival 2020

NZ International Comedy Festival 2023

Production Details

Created and performed by Jo Ghastly

The show is a parody of a celebrity parenting seminar –

*Warning – Laughter – do not try this at home*

Jo Ghastly’s expertise comes from being a self-proclaimed “Cool Mum”

Jo has created a life coaching/ personal development empire on every social media platform, including Tik Tok, and has books, a Youtube channel and merch.

Her empire is much less successful than she thinks it is. 

Get cooler – The Jo Ghastly way!

For parents 
Move over Nigel Latta – Jo Ghastly is here to tell you where you are going wrong with your parenting. She will help you become the COOL PARENT you have always dreamed of being!

For younger people-(non- parents) 
Help guide your parents into being the cool parent you know they can be Prepare for your own future parenting experience with pre-pregnancy cool parent training. Validate your choice to never have children.

For old people (older than Jo) 
Be filled with regret that this parenting seminar wasn’t around in your day – but you are OK Boomer x,  you can tell your kids what’s wrong with their parenting!

The show is recommended R13 – mild adult themes

25% ticket price going to Women’s Refuge

Comedy Theatre

3rd Jul 2020
Fri 3 Jul, 7:30pm
[Recommended R13]
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Nelson Fringe Festival 2020 
Adopted by Coffee 101

Available online from the 21st to the 25th of August

Note: This show has been filmed and will be presented online.
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Good Times – Comedy Club
224 St Asaph St, Christchurch
Friday, 11 September 2020

2023 Comedy Festival

as Jo Ghastly – the Cool Mum

Award-winning comedy show for all ages which has sold out around NZ and Adelaide.

You can become cool – the Jo Ghastly way (seriously, Jo is on TikTok so you know she’s got the credentials!). Or, you can unlock the inner cool potential of your own parents (and maybe validate your choice to never have children…).

★★★★★ “I’m very proud” – Jo’s Mum

★★★★★ “5 stars for a ‘lit’ show. Parents of tweens, teens and beyond, this is one show you don’t want to miss!” – Jo Parkinson, Play & Go Adelaide

★★★★★ “Will delight parents, teenagers and everyone in between – cool AF!” – Justine Hall, See Do Eat Review

★★★★½ “The room is filled with laughter… I would recommend this show to anyone who just wants to have a good laugh” – Michelle Nightingale, The Adelaide Show Podcast

★★★★ “Relatable, funny and a great night out for parents of teens, tweens and everything in between.” – Tim Cooper, kidsinadelaide

“Had the audience in stitches… thoughtful, well-paced, sharply observed comedy grist and the mixed age group audience was totally on board” – Lisa Lanzi, Theatre Travels

Te Auaha – Tapere Nui, 65 Dixon St, Wellington

Price: $18 – $28
Time: 7PM

Theatre , Comedy , Solo ,

1 hr

Provokes whoops of recognition, groans of sympathy and the buzz of knowing more about the teen

Review by James Sergeant 14th May 2023

We find Te Auaua’s Tapere Nui stage set up for a trade show, with a table full of merch and inspirational quotes projected on to a screen – for example, “You must become the coolness you wish to see in the world.” This is clearly going to be an educational evening.

And then Jo herself appears on stage in her trademark red and white polka dot dress, and the seminar begins. The concept is that Jo Ghastly is here to teach us how to be cool – and in particular cool enough to keep up with any teenagers we may have living at home. 

During the evening, Jo shares her own experience of living with teenage children and offers tips on how to avoid embarrassing them by being ‘cringe’ or ‘lame.’ She holds her examples of teen slang with tongs like a scientific specimen – and that is half the comedy of the night. Jo is seeking to educate us, but it’s clear that she can barely keep up herself! Flossing, pouting and dabs are not enough, and we get the sense they may already be going out of date.

In keeping with the educational concept, Jo invites some audience members on to the stage, and their discomfort becomes part of the story – it’s inherently funny for grownups to pay at being down with the youth. A special shout out to the man who has to role play being a teenage boy with only three possible responses to anything Jo said – it is an excellent performance with severely limited material. And inviting the whole audience to participate at one point gives us an appreciation of the amount of work it takes to perform one of those TikTok dances that look so easy.

The show makes good use of filmed segments – Jo Ghastly has persuaded real teenagers to take part. Observing teenagers as if they were wild animals on a natural history show is a familiar device, but there are some fresh insights that have the audience howling. Throughout the show, Jo Ghastly hits on themes that everyone recognises – and this is rewarded by whoops of recognition or groans of sympathy, depending on the story. Is the audience really cooler after all this?

Having operated her ‘cool-o-meter’ at the start of the evening and again at the end of the show, Jo Ghastly is kind enough to give us the benefit of the doubt at the final reckoning – letting us all leave with a pass mark. We certainly leave with smiles and the buzz of knowing a bit more about the mysterious world of the teen.


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A real eye opener

Review by Nikkie Karki 23rd Aug 2020

I saw the advert for the show, Cool Mum, telling me how Jo Ghastly could help parents be more cool. I thought I could do with being a way cooler mum, so log onto Nelson’s virtual Fringe 2020 to watch and learn.

I’ve put the kids to bed and got a glass of rosé to sip on the couch while writing notes. I am looking forward to being a ‘Cool Mum’ by the end of the show!

The show was pre filmed with a small live audience, varied in age range.  There is a lot of laughter and I feel like I am looking in on lots of people having a great time. 

Jo Ghastly’s ‘Cool Mum’, who describes herself as a ‘MILF’, is well dressed and also has a glass of rosé, which she regularly sips throughout the show. The set suggests a seminar is about to take place, complete with a power point screen which Jo uses well to supports her show. Cool Mum is a well rehearsed, slick show with good comic timing.

An experienced stand up comedian, she incorporates audience interaction a lot, mostly with critical comments about how uncool the audience members are.  This stirs my empathetic nature and I worry about the feelings of the audience members being criticised – but they don’t seem to mind. Maybe I would have felt different if I had been in the audience in with them. 

I certainly feel uncool in comparison to Jo, as she rattles off a ‘Cool Mum’ rap, snap chat, Instagram hash tags, Tik Tok dance, and interpretations of teenage slang, which I knew nothing about before tonight.  She did promise I would leave way more cool than when I ‘arrived’, and judges this using a cool-o-meter at the beginning and end of the show.

My favourite joke of the whole show is a scene with her teenage daughter, but with their roles reversed, which is hilarious!  She shows us footage of teenage boy grunts and reveals what they mean.  When I think she has exhausted life as a mum of a teen, she finds new threads, which keep me engaged.

Cool Mum focuses more on what it’s like to be a mother of a teens rather than of younger children.  It is a real eye opener for someone like me who only has young children, showing me what is to come!  Am I cool enough now after watching the show? Only time will tell.


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