The Supper Club

Circa One, Circa Theatre, 1 Taranaki St, Waterfront, Wellington

20/01/2024 - 17/02/2024

Production Details

Written by: Ali Harper
Directed by: Ian Harman
Musical Director: Tom McLeod

Ali-Cat Productions Ltd

Get ready for an unforgettable night of glamour & sophistication – with a twist.

Chanteuse Ali Harper will invite you to step back in time and meet her muses as they reveal themselves before your very eyes where everything is possible and anything goes.

This spectacular production is set to captivate audiences with a rich blend of songs from the 1920s to the present day.

Directed and designed by masterful Ian Harman, featuring the impeccable talents of Musical Director, Arranger and pianist Tom McLeod, saxophonist/guitarist/clarinet player Blair Latham, drummer Olivia Campion, and double bass player Scott Maynard in The Jazz Hot Supper Club Band with songs such as: ‘It’s De-lovely’, ‘Non, Je ne Regrette Rien’, ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’, ‘These Boots Were Made For Walkin’’, ‘Too Darn Hot’ & many more….

Circa Theatre, Circa 1:
20/01/24 – 17/02/24
Price: $30 – $55 Booking link:

Ali Harper: Vocals
Piano: Tom McLeod
Double Bass: Scott Maynard
Drums: Olivia Campion
Saxophone, Guitar, Clarinet: Blair Latham

Lighting and Sound: Rick Tucker
Set Design: Ian Harman

Music , Theatre ,

2hrs (includes a 20min interval)

Prepare to be wooed and charmed

Review by Sarah Catherall 26th Jan 2024

Ali Harper is Golda, a German cabaret singer performing in a Parisian club in 1937.

Resplendent in a gorgeous gold frock, the multi-talented entertainer woos and charms the Circa Theatre audience as she sings a few songs, including Jacques Prevert’s Immense and Red, backed by an impressive band: Tom McLeod and the Jazz Hot ‘Supper’ Club Band.

Golda (Harper) drops onto the knee of a man in the front row, and croons in his ear, singing Cole Porter’s Let’s Misbehave. We sit in a replica Parisian cabaret, Supper Club, which features like a character in Harper’s two-hour long show. [More]


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Expect the unexpected – our superstar never disappoints

Review by Talia Carlisle 21st Jan 2024

The most exclusive club in town is taking new members.

Now open at Circa, Ali Harper’s The Supper Club has all the grandeur and cheekiness you can expect from our talented bombshell and esteemed Toi Whakaari graduate (1994).

Back in her second home at Circa, no sequins are spared in adorning the theatre into a grand hall worthy of chandeliers and soirees worth remembering. You shouldn’t expect anything less of director, set and costume designer Ian Harman, whose sparkle is noticeable at every feather swish and costumed twirl.

Sequins and feathers ready, The Supper Club promises a showcase of songs through the last century. We’re in for an adventure and my best heels are in place for the ride.

Ali knows how to heat up and cool down the enthusiastic Wellington crowd, with her soulful trills, rasps and oohs, leaving the audience in awe of her range, power and repertoire, showcased across the nearly two hour set: a 100-year musical history and countless songs and characters to whisk us through the ages.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Ali’s Supper Club showcase is a new style of show unlike a usual love story. Here the love is for the music and we are transported by our time-travelling host Ali for the ride.

Musical director Tom McLeod is a marvellous leader of the pack, grinning ear-to-ear while providing the vehicle for our great escape through the ages – a grand piano – with The Jazz Hot Supper Club Band: our talented musical tour guides.

This unstoppable combination of talent is a delight to behold as we hear every instrument shine and watch every musician be a star in their own right, with Olivia Campion on percussion, Scott Maynard on Double Bass and Blair Latham covering brass, woodwind and guitar – what a feat!

Ali embodies all the characters and songs enhanced by the ‘super’ band as I call them, from ‘It’s De-lovely’, and ‘Too Darn Hot’, to some 20th century surprises and the rare dance number to keep us on our toes with additional choreography by Sandy Gray and Ian – there is nothing he can’t do!

There are plenty of surprises, my biggest ones being the number of songs I don’t know and the number of languages Ali makes her own, while giving us some new favourites along the way. 

The costumes and set are characters taking on their own life as the jaw dropping backdrop is brought further to life by lighting designer Rich Tucker. If there was ever a time to be blinded by a disco ball, that time is now!

Joy is found in the smallest touches of props, movement, and the band’s chemistry and charisma; they bounce off each other and charm us all.

As the story is in the songs and many songs are meant as a surprise, the show is unpredictable, but we have come to expect the unexpected from Ali and our superstar never disappoints. I wonder if the next show will take us into the future or space, as anything is possible with the unstoppable Ali Harper, Tom McLeod and the Jazz Hot ‘Super’ Club Band.


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