Trent H Baumann – Stop the Noise. Listen to the Music.

BATS Theatre, Studio, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington

14/05/2024 - 18/05/2024

NZ International Comedy Festival 2024

Production Details

Created and performed by Trent H Baumann
Score by Sachie Mikawa

An ultra-fun night from the master of out-of-this-world one-liners, outrageous acts and cool music. Take a joyous journey through excessive screen time, origami and finding your mojo behind the couch.

Direct from ten international tours comes the nominee of “Most Original Comedy” at the Edinburgh Fringe, the winner of “Best Show” at the Wellington Comedy Awards and as seen on The Project (AUS).

Score by Sachie Mikawa

“Underground Hero ★★★★★”–Times Columnist
“Idiosyncratic Genius” -The Scotsman, UK

Winner – Best Show 2021, Wellington Comedy Awards
Winner – Best Circus 2014, Melbourne Fringe
Most Original Comedy nominee 2014, Malcolm Hardee Award, Edinburgh Fringe
Best Comedy nominee 2012, Just for Laughs Montreal Fringe

Venue: BATS Theatre
Dates: 14 – 18 May
Times: 9PM
Prices: $20 – $25
Booking: Trent H Baumann – Stop the Noise. Listen to the Music.

Comedy , Theatre , Music , Solo ,

60 minutes

A reminder to support the world we want to see and live in

Review by Talia Carlisle 15th May 2024

Stop right now. Thank you for coming to Trent H Baumann’s new Monfu production: Stop the Noise. Listen to the Music. You’ll be eternally glad that you did.

We can tell Trent is serious about delivering a great show, from before the show even starts. As demonstrated in his powerful show poster designed by Kurt Furla, Gareth Bradley’s photo of Trent is striking, standing strong, unafraid of the spotlight and determined to cast light from the shadows, as does our brilliant tech Darryn Woods when our show at BATS Theatre begins.

Accompanied by a magical score by Sachie Mikawa, Trent conducts every prompt with precision, and doesn’t miss a beat or dance opportunity. That’s right, Trent doesn’t muck around.

He dives straight into the BIG question to start the show: Why are we all here?

To see Wellington’s daring and fabulously original comedian rock his first 2024 NZ International Comedy Festival Show of course!

Stick your hands in the air and get ready to feel like Trent: Legendary!

Trent takes us on a deep journey, beyond our seats in The Studio, to the question deep in our hearts: what is our purpose in life? His hard-hitting quest for answers is sudden, sincere and gets me thinking about the meaning of it all… Until suddenly I am distracted by entertaining juggling and magic tricks that make me forget all my worries amidst the cheering crowd.

An eruption of whoops and cheers flow consistently from our energetic audience, including fellow Comedy Festival performers Alayne Dick and Megan Connolly who finished their successful shows last week. I’m sat amongst comedy royalty tonight!

Cheered along enthusiastically, Trent isn’t afraid to call out “the system”, take a stand against homophobia and speak up for the climate, even speaking with impressive animal calls and ocean dances – he can really relate to ALL audiences and we are all captivated. Our hearts now warmed up, we are ready for more comedy and ready to find our place in the world.

The show warns of occasional bad language and Trent admits he doesn’t like to swear, yet it’s 2024 and “if you don’t have something to swear about well…” that’s on you to find out.

Some things are worth fighting for, Trent demonstrates, and shows us the impact theatre and the arts can have on all of us, to help us listen and speak up for all of our neighbours. 

“Isn’t it amazing what people do for a living?” Trent exclaims, and it’s true, especially in the art world, which opens its doors to everyone to find something they love, and make something worthwhile. Trent’s door is wide open for all of us, embracing our encouraging audience, embracing stand-up and physical comedy, music, clowning, poetry and maybe an autobiography in Trent’s future.

It’s time to stop the noise and listen to the music. Watch comedy. Go to the theatre and the ballet. Listen to live music. Enjoy Trent’s show and watch as many shows as you can this week, this month, before the NZ International Comedy Festival is over. Enjoy it all while we have a chance. While we have a say. Make the time. Go see someone you haven’t heard of before. Maybe you’ll start to hear your own heart beating, and hear your own voice growing stronger.

I am grateful for Trent H Baumann and Sachie Mikawa of Monfu productions for decades of creating and celebrating art leading up to Stop the Noise. Listen to the Music. This show is another reminder of their love for art, as well as for each other – and we love all the love in this audience. They have been performing, producing and giving artists a voice in Wellington, and it’s time we used our voices and took our seats to support the world we want to see and live in. Support the arts because a life without it, isn’t a life at all. 


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