Y Chromosome

Q Theatre, 305 Queen St, Auckland

01/10/2011 - 01/10/2011

Tempo Dance Festival 2011

Production Details

Following an outstanding sell out season in 2010, Tempo is delighted to present again the all male dance showcase, Y Chromozone. Bursting with energy, this show packs a stunning variety of hip hop, ballet, tap and contemporary dance items, into one fast paced, dynamic show.

See some of our most acclaimed dancers share their unique talent in a programme of brilliant creative force which will definitely leave you wanting more.

Featuring Medhi Angot and Dimetri Kleoris from the Royal New Zealand Ballet, Chung-Fu Chang – former dancer of internationally acclaimed Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Justin Haiu from The New Zealand Dance Company, Pacific / street / contemporary fusion artist and winner of the 2010 Listener Dance Awards’ Pasifika Idol Award and 2010 Tempo Dance Festival winner for Best Choreography by an Emerging Artist, more high energy fun from internationally award winning hip hop group TMC, internationally awarded tap artists Simon Watts and Ritchie Cesan and Tom Bradley from the New Zealand School of Dance.



Performers: Simon Watts and Ritchie Cesan, Justin Haiu, Tom Bradley, Chung-Fu Chang , Christopher Gerty, Carl Tolentino,  Thomas McClintock, Medhi Angot and Dimitri Kleoris (Royal NZ Ballet) , Taiaoroa Royal and Taane Mete (Okareka Dance Company) ; the Prestige BodyRock team: Jacob Cook, Joshua Cesan, Joshua Martin, Allister Salaivao, Isiah Robertson, Thomas Murphy, Paul Wilson, Taniora Motutere, Andrew Cesan, Richard Cesan; and Identity Dance Crew: Joshua Cesan, Jacob Cook, Taniora Motutere, Paul Wilson.

1.25 hours

All male, energetic, fast paced production

Review by Roxanne de Bruyn 02nd Oct 2011

Showcasing over 20 male dancers in 12 different items, Y Chromosome is an energetic, fast paced production, which moves across a wide range of dance styles.
From the internationally acclaimed Chung-Fu Chang solo Reflected Seasons, combining Western and Eastern dance technique, to tap, hiphop and ballet, Y Chromosome almost overwhelms the senses with the diversity of its dances and music.
The showcase is ultimately a celebration of male dancers, and effectively demonstrates their strengths and attributes – their physical prowess, their skill, technique and performance ability, and the very different moods and expressions they bring to their performances.
The standard of the dancing is high and the pieces are entertaining from end to end. Michael Parmenter’s Hand to hand is one of the highlights, with Taiaroa Royal and Taane Mete exploring the concept of identity. It is a riveting and well choreographed work, contrasting fluidity and sharpness. There is an emphasis on the connection between the dancers and the similarities and differences between them, using their opposing forces to create moments of suspension and balance. The movements are circling, somewhat reminiscent of capoeira, and play with the relationships between touch, support and stillness. It is a well performed, mature and complete piece, with interesting shifts in emotion and focus.
Entertaining and different, Release Your Robot is a treat to watch. Innovative, amusing and easily accessible, Justin Haiu’s solo paints images and scenarios with incredible ease. With just his movements and the accompanying music, vignettes form and quickly draw in the audience, before fading away.
Brendan Bradshaw’s Uneven Days is a lovely lyrical duet which is performed beautifully by RNZB dancers Dimitri Kleioris and Medhi Angot, emphasising their strength, technique and form.
Younger, emerging dancers also have their moment in the spotlight, with a ballet solo from 11-year-old Tom McClintock and three pieces from students from the New Zealand School of Dance. The students perform John Neumeier’s short ballet solo Spring and Fall, Yes-No, a quirky and ironic piece, with a ‘slice of life’ feel and Seam, which is odd and almost palpably constricting, and somewhat darker than the rest of the programme
On the other end of the spectrum, Simon Watts and Andrew Cesan once again present world class tap routines with lots of flair. The hip hop crews are also impressive and extremely entertaining.  The Groove is fast and sharp with lots of impact, and was over all too quickly. The Prestige BodyRock team is upbeat, precise and powerful, transitioning smoothly through different styles. They dominate the stage and demand attention, pulling out some exciting tricks and ending the show on a high.

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