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CRASHMOB at Te Kotahitanga Expo Hall, Forum North, Whangarei
reviewed by David Stevens 30 Jan 2015
Endlessly inventive
We’re never told where it is happening or when it is happening, or even what is happening except at the end, so in a sense it is metaphysical theatre and has a non-too-distant kinship with the Aboriginal concept of the dreaming – or dreamtime – because it is every where and every when while being, at the same time, specific to this group of young people now. [more]

STOMACH at BATS Theatre, The Propellor Stage, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 28 Jan 2015
A delight to digest
When creating a play about a relationship that ends badly, one way to achieve a happy ending is to tell the story in reverse. The strategy also helps if the story might seem a bit prosaic, told as a straight narrative. Giving the audience that bit of brain work to do enhances our engagement. [more]

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TWELFTH NIGHT at re.SPACE, 176 Victoria Street, Te Aro, Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 26 Jan 2015
A fluent flow of seamless unseemliness
A programme note reminds us Twelfth Night on the Christian calendar, the feast of the Epiphany, brings days of feasting and revels to their climax with “intense merriment, misrule and confusion”. And although this happens in the northern hemisphere’s winter, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is abounds in references to spring and summer, allowing it to sit “perfectly in a New Zealand context.” [more]

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MY NAME IS GARY COOPER at Kumu Kahua Theatre, 46 Merchant Street, Honolulu, HAWAI'I
reviewed by Moana Nepia 24 Jan 2015
Sensual complexity
Like some of his contemporaries, Samoan New Zealander Victor Rodger, author of this latest production to hit the Kumu Kahua Theatre, (home of contemporary Hawaii-centred theatre in Honolulu), unsettles some of the historical Euro-American depictions of Pacific Islanders through focussing on the personal experiences, day to day realities, and complexities of Pacific Islander encounters with colonial legacies and globalised forces. [more]

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THE RAGGED (WELLINGTON 1840) at Soundings - Te Papa, Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 21 Jan 2015
Richly textured, insightful, humorous, sobering and energising
Under the overall direction of Jim Moriarty, Helen Pearse-Otene’s exquisite script finds a generously open performance style to honour its fictionalised evocation of how Māori and Pakeha both clashed and coalesced in the process of colonisation. In distilling an essence of the Wellington experience, The Ragged captures a nationwide, even global, phenomenon in all its complexity. [more]

MR & MRS ALEXANDER at BUSKERS BOUTIQUE, Old Boy’s Theatre, Christ’s College, Christchurch
reviewed by Erin Harrington 19 Jan 2015
Charming postmodern sideshow
In a festival that showcases the best of the world’s modern day circus performers, it’s fitting that we have a homegrown show that celebrates our ongoing fascination with the weird and the wondrous through an historical tale of con artists and carnival trickery. [more]

Photo by Paul McLaughlin
SEED at Circa One, Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 18 Jan 2015
Deserves to flourish
Judging by the rapturous reception it received on opening night, Circa clearly has a hit on its hands with Elisabeth Easther’s SEED. Post-show the foyer was abuzz with people extolling the excellence of the cast and production and trading stories related to the experiences depicted and issues raised in the play. [more]

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reviewed by John Smythe 17 Jan 2015
Engaging at human, metaphysical and meta-theatrical levels
In essence the Vastness at the End of the World represents the great unknown beyond our present lives, to which everyone has a different response. The characters’ meta-theatrical acknowledgement that they are marionettes with strings attached that simultaneously bring them to life yet restrict them is both amusing and thought-provoking. [more]

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BUSKERS BURLESQUE 2015 at The Press CLUB at Christ’s College, Christchurch
reviewed by Erin Harrington 17 Jan 2015
Flirtatious, funny and raucous
This year’s Buskers Burlesque offers up a showcase of song, dance, drag, striptease and acrobatics, all held together by Aussie comic and MC Asher T ... It’s a noisy affair, with a fair helping of skin and lots of wolf-whistling, and this show has become a much anticipated fixture of each year’s World Buskers Festival. [more]

IAN D MONTFORT: UNBELIEVABLE at BUSKERS BOUTIQUE, Old Boy’s Theatre, Christ’s College, Christchurch
reviewed by Erin Harrington 17 Jan 2015
Provokes fits of astounded laughter
The show is a satirical takedown of all manner of pseudoscientific and supernatural claptrap, from spiritualists and tarot card readers to homeopaths and celebrity psychics, but it’s made all the better by the fact that the feats of mentalism are outstanding. [more]

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BITTER SWEET at TAPAC Theatre, Western Springs, Auckland
reviewed by Vanessa Byrnes 17 Jan 2015
Vibrant diversity
This vibrant feast of colour and movement is a real treat and is perfectly situated at TAPAC: The Auckland Performing Arts Centre. Mixit’s first production in a theatre (as opposed to other outdoor venues and spaces over the past nine years) is passionate and raw. Not always clear as a narrative drama, the vigour and energy driving the piece is its real strength. [more]

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RICHARD III at BATS Theatre, The Dome, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 16 Jan 2015
A memorable satirical romp with bite
Consciously continuing in the same “tragical-comical-historical-political vein” as their most recent productions ... The Bacchanals pitch their Richard III – “Shakespeare’s classic tale of how a whole country can ignore the evidence and elect a lying villain as their leader!” – thus: [more]

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28 Jan 2015 - BLACK DOG RELIEF – A Cabaret for Robbie Tripe brings emerging and established actor/singers together for a one night only performance, to honour a talented member of the performing fraternity who left the community after losing the battle with the Black Dog.   [more]

22 Jan 2015 - NZ SCHOOL OF DANCE SEEKS COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER The New Zealand School of Dance is looking for a dynamic person to manage and deliver PR/communications. This is a part-time position (16 hours per week) in Wellington.   [more]

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9 Jan 2015 - VALE WARWICK BROADHEAD VALE WARWICK BROADHEAD Colourful, eccentric and incomparably talented performer/producer Warwick Broadhead died today, peacefully in his home on Waiheke Island. He had recently opened a new show, Monkey, a serial work to be performed in his home on the first Sunday of every month for the next 30 months.   [more]

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14 Dec 2014 - THE CHAPMAN TRIPP THEATRE AWARDS 2014: WINNERS and NOMINEES An Evening Celebrating Community and Theatrical Excellence! Another fantastic year of the Cultural Capital’s theatrical excellence was celebrated last night, (Sunday 14 December), at the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards in Paramount Theatre. After a tumultuous year full of heavy loss for the community, these Awards were a reflection of the importance to support each other through the good and bad times. “We are a community and this is not a competition. It’s a quest” – a statement that perfectly encapsulated the tone of the evening from Simon Haren (winner of Most Original Production with Isobel McKinnon – Dinner with Izzy & Simon).   [more]

9 Dec 2014 - CIRCA THEATRE SEEKS MARKETING AND AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Circa Theatre, Wellington: Work With Us Marketing and Audience Development Manager Job Description Full time, Contract Position (Start date: February 2015) This role provides an exciting opportunity for an individual with a background in marketing, arts administration and audience development to join the staff of Wellington’s leading professional theatre. The Marketing and Audience Development Manager reports to the Circa Council and is accountable for the effective creation and implementation of marketing and audience development strategies.   [more]