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Latest Theatre and Performance Reviews
THE 5 STAR COMEDY PREVIEW 2014 at SKYCITY Theatre, Auckland
reviewed by Andy Manning 24 Apr 2014
Varied, short and punchy
The stars are out tonight as I step into the gaudily lit SkyCity Theatre to have a peek at the upcoming international acts in The 5 Star Comedy Preview 2014. However, ’tis not the stars of Hollywood that pack out the 700 seat theatre; no brash Americans tread the boards with their smutty puns and outlandish laughs. No, tonight, old chaps, is a night of Britannia. [more]

ABSURDITIES at Gryphon, Wellington
reviewed by Charlotte Simmonds 24 Apr 2014
Fun for adolescents too
If Sam Beckett and Jean Paul Sartre were born in New Zealand in the 90s, met each other at uni and then decided to write a skit show together, I suppose it could look something like this. Sometimes the skits have punchlines and at other times they’re just pure absurdist theatre. [more]

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Photo by Heli Sorjonen
THE PIANIST at Circa Two, Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 23 Apr 2014
A sublimely extraordinary tour-de-catastrophe
The concert pianist is a brilliant persona to bring into the realm of clowning, acrobatics and other circus genres. His default air of cultured superiority and sophistication just aches to be compromised by a clown’s compulsion to stuff it up in the process of pursuing excellence – which of course involves a whole new level of excellence. [more]

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CINDERELLA MEETS ALADDIN at Court Theatre, Bernard Street, Addington, Christchurch
reviewed by Erin Harrington 23 Apr 2014
Lively, dynamic, entertaining
Dan Bain’s lively direction is dynamic and entertaining. While the play features a smattering of the expected sight gags, Bain also offers some lovely visual moments, such as the connections formed between Cinderella and Aladdin through movement and gesture at the play’s opening. There is a lot going on in this show but it is tied together cleanly, and it’s really nice to come to a play like this and be genuinely surprised. [more]

RACECARS VS CUPCAKES at Gryphon, Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 22 Apr 2014
Liberating kids from gender limitations
Writer-director Moana Ete and Kapitall Kids Theatre (KKT) are to be congratulated for producing an entirely original play for children that doesn’t come pre-branded with the title of a well-known folk tale or favourite children’s book. It’s a risk few companies are prepared to take, marketing-wise, but creating a play from scratch does bring special benefits. [more]

Photo by Stephen A'Court
OTHER DESERT CITIES at Circa One, Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 21 Apr 2014
Astutely crafted to explode secrets
Moral dilemma, political allegory and something to play out in our imaginations after the final scene: these are three things I love in a play and Other Desert Cities delivers all three superbly in this impeccably-cast Circa production directed by Ross Jolly. Given Jon Robin Baitz, the playwright, created the TV series Brothers & Sisters, which ran for five seasons, and wrote episodes of The West Wing, it is no surprise that the family dynamics are riven with ambivalence, the dialogue is both loving and challenging, and the mix is potent. [more]

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MR MCGEE & THE BITING FLEA at Hannah Playhouse (previously Downstage), Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 20 Apr 2014
Great pleasure all round
The harmonised singing – often a cappella, sometimes with recorded backing, other times accompanied by the actors on guitar or ukulele – is sublime (composer, Timothy Sexton; musical director, Michael Nicholas Williams) and it often carries much of the story. [more]

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Credit: Evan Li
COPPELIA at St James Theatre, Wellington
reviewed by Deirdre Tarrant 19 Apr 2014
Sumptuous sentimentalism
The company has many ensemble pieces and are in exuberant mood and strong. The opening act Czardas in particular fills the stage with Hungarian élan. The Townspeople and leads have some stunning lifts in Act 1. The key roles are well cast to tell the story with Sir Jon Trimmer an entertaining and irrepressible Dr Coppelius. [more]

BADJELLY THE WITCH at 4 Moncrieff St., Mt. Victoria, Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 19 Apr 2014
An excellent holiday investment
What a polished production this is, presented with such assurance that the fun of it takes full flight. Director Daniel Pengelly has assembled a top-flight cast and crew to deliver a quality version of Alannah O’Sullivan’s adaptation of Spike Milligan’s Badjelly the Witch with just four actors and some cleverly manifested creatures and effects. [more]

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THE WATER STATION at BATS Theatre (Out Of Site), Cnr Cuba & Dixon, Wellington
reviewed by John Smythe 17 Apr 2014
Rich in metaphor
It is almost unheard of for plays devised by companies to be reproduced by other companies even when they result in written scripts (think SEEyD Company, Indian Ink, Red Leap …). Even more unexpected is that a devised play without words from Japan, albeit a classic, would find new life in Aotearoa New Zealand. It has also been produced in India and Singapore. [more]

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VICE at The Basement Studio, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland
reviewed by Nik Smythe 16 Apr 2014
Revels in abnormal behaviour
When a mysterious shadowy man with no face in a smart suit takes your ticket and directs you up a graffiti-art covered back stairway festooned with beer crates, wine bottle candles, exotic dolls and such, into a room with a stark white stage where the cast of seven lurk awkwardly and wistfully and so on, and the auditorium floor, walls and half the ceiling thickly papered with thousands of pages of advertising junk mail using sticky tape, it’s fair to assume that what ensues probably won’t be typical, usual or normal. [more]

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COLT at Suter Theatre, Nelson
reviewed by Janet Whittington 15 Apr 2014
Phenomenal work
The degree of physical complexity builds into a series of stunning poses, romantic, tender, requiring great strength and skill from the performers. Sarah-Foster Sproull’s direction and choreography augmented by the dancers own input is acknowledged in the opening credits of the programme. Her thoughts about community are portrayed by the community spirit that went into this phenomenal piece. I think this combined choreography is what finally lifts this performance into a class of its own and validates Foster-Sproull’s concept. [more]

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